Queen Mattress Protector

What is the standard size for a queen mattress protector?

A standard queen bed mattress protector will have a size of around 152cm x 204cm x 40cm, but you may find slight variations between different brands, fabrics, and designs such as fitted or non-fitted styles. This size is intended for a queen mattress to help protect it against unhealthy allergens, therefore greatly prolonging your mattress's lifespan. There are also some mattress protector queen designs that come in a 210 x 210cm size due to their specific style, which may be more beneficial to some when applying the protector or ease of use.

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Queen mattress protector.

With highly reputable brands like Bambury, Bianca, and Hilton Deluxe, you can effortlessly find the perfect high-quality Queen Mattress Protector in this special collection.

Should I buy a queen mattress protector for a king single bed?

We suggest purchasing a king single mattress protector for your king single bed and a queen mattress protector for your queen bed. These are designed in such a way to fit the corresponding mattress appropriately, maximising their performance when preventing microbes, sweat, stains, and other allergens from impacting the quality of the mattress. Your mattress plays the most important role in giving you comfort and support during sleep, and as such, a protector is essential. When it comes to different size variations, consider your mattress size/design before purchasing. Our Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector collection has waterproof, breathable bamboo, fitted, strap, cooling, and other queen size mattress protector designs to accommodate all sleeping preferences and individual needs.