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Queen Size Electric Blankets

What size is a queen electric blanket?

Queen Electric Blankets feature the standard measurements of 153cm x 200 x 50cm, but this may vary depending on the style. At Manchester Warehouse, you can find a variety of different electric blanket queen designs, including fitted, quilted, and premium styles. There is also a fluffy wool design - a distinct favourite for wintertime.


Add some cosy warmth to your bedding with Manchester Warehouse's premium range of safe, durable, and high-quality Queen Electric Blankets.

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket combines the softness and insulation of a blanket with electrical heating wires integrated in various areas. These can come in a variety of types, including throws, over blankets, duvets, and under blankets for all-year-round use. This needs to be plugged into an outlet, and there are typically different settings to create the perfect temperature for your needs and the climate. The settings are adjusted via the controller on the cord and also feature timers, pre-heating, and a detachable design for washing.

Can I use a queen electric blanket on a king bed?

We suggest using an electric blanket that is appropriate for your bed mattress size. A queen electric blanket may be too small for a king bed as they are usually fitted. As such, it may not provide enough coverage. This is especially important if there are two people sleeping in the bed because you need the heating element to support both of you. Use a fitted queen size electric blanket on a queen bed, a king electric blanket on a king bed, and so forth.