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Queen Valances

What is the queen size valances?

A queen valance is similar to a skirt or bed wrap that fixes a queen bed's base for decorative appeal. It will cover unsightly space behind it, such as storage or the structure, so that your entire bed looks more aesthetic. If you want to elevate the look of your bed immediately, this is the way to do it! In addition to style, queen size valances can also provide protection against dust and other bacteria, for example.


Whether it's to dress up the look of your bed or to cover up the stuff underneath, our Queen Valances are more than capable.

What size valances do I need for a queen bed?

To fit your queen bed adequately, you should opt for the same matching size - in this case, that would be a queen size valance. Valances should be almost like an "extension" of your mattress; therefore, it needs the appropriate size. We recommend purchasing the corresponding size to your mattress for the best fit and look. The particular design of valances makes them easy to apply, too. Browse our full collection of valances for more option.

Should I buy queen size valances for a single bed?

For a single bed, we recommend purchasing single size valances. Hide all of that storage underneath the bed and maintain an aesthetic bedroom with this quick, neat accessory. At Manchester Warehouse, we have a wide range of queen bed valance designs from various reputable brands like Ardor Boudoir and Linen House Lifestyle to give your bedroom a touch of stylish appeal.