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Quilted Coverlets

What is a quilted coverlet?

A quilted coverlet is a type of bedding that combines a standard coverlet fashion with a distinct "quilted" style that is visible as part of its pattern. This quilted design is a specific technique where several fabric layers are sewn together, producing gorgeous stitched lines that give it the quilted name. This can form a diamond, square, and various other geometric patterns.


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How do you use a quilted coverlet?

Due to the lightweight and thin style of a coverlet, it can be used in various ways, making it a versatile addition to the bed. Style it across the foot of the bed in a folded fashion for a decorative finish. You can also drape it over the whole bed as an extra cover/layer or fold it into your other layers for warmth. We also offer matching pillowcases to complement your quilted coverlet. Browse our full range of coverlets for more options.

How often should you wash your quilted coverlet?

You should always follow a proper washing routine with your bedding. A quilted coverlet, depending on the way you use it (purely decorative or in a practical sense), may have to be washed more or less often. This is usually a personal preference; however, we recommend weekly or monthly based on your climate, sleeping habits, and other factors. The specific washing instructions will depend greatly on the brand itself, so be sure to check each product's care requirements.