Regal Style

What is regal style?

Regal style is defined by a tailored, elegant, and luxurious style that gives the ultimate sense of refinement, whether merely for display purposes or to experience the product with touch. It can take inspiration from both traditional and conventional designs. You should be able to incorporate this trend without losing originality, reflecting your style. Overall, regal style typically possesses tailored edges, gold embellishments and baroque inspiration, and can often be complimented with textures like silk and velvet.

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Luxe trend bedding.

Our Luxe Bedding range will make you feel like royalty with their grand designs, premium materials, and timeless aesthetic - perfect for elaborate bedroom decor schemes.

How do I get the luxury bedding look?

Our luxury quilt covers and luxe bedding provide the ultimate source of inspiration for decorating your bedroom with gorgeous luxury. This luxury bedding range includes designs from notable brands like Davinci, Private Collection, Linen House Lifestyle, and Ardor Home, all famed for their commitment to timeless, durable, and elegant designs. You can create a grand setting with bold style using our luxury quilt covers and luxury sheets with elaborate patterns and colour palettes, like black and gold. You can also try a more subtle approach to luxury with the solid colours utilising a silky texture or a more relaxed pattern, both of which will help give you that signature elegance. Don't forget to style the surroundings as well - consider any other furnishings like armchairs, rugs, curtains, wallpapers, flooring, side tables, and more, which should align seamlessly with the luxurious setting.