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Emphasise your personal style while keeping warm during the night with our Single Bed Comforter Sets.

What is the standard size for a single comforter?

The standard size for our single bed comforter sets ranges from 180cm to 240cm between brands. The Spencer Comforter Set by Indulgence, for example, has a size of 180cm x 215cm and applies to both single and double beds. Similarly, the Bianca Ravenna Comforter Set can be used on single and double beds but has a larger size of 200 x 240cm. For single measurements only, you can expect a size of approximately 140cm x 210cm. It is important to check the exact sizing of the comforter via the brand's guidelines, as each may vary slightly according to its design.

Should I buy a single comforter for a king single bed?

Purchasing the correct size comforter for your bed is made easy with our sizing range. Our sizing system for comforters typically comes in a "single to double" size, which applies to both single and double beds. With that in mind, if you are buying a single comforter set that features this sizing system, you can definitely use a single bed comforter for your king single bed as well as a double bed. Remember that not all of our brands in the single comforter set collection have this sizing system - Jason Commercial, for example, has set dimensions for each bed size. By choosing the correct size, you can ensure proper warmth, airflow, and a lovely aesthetic for your bedroom. Our entire Comforters range also features other sizes for your needs.