Single Size Mattress Toppers & Underlays

What size is a single mattress topper?

When you're searching for the perfect single mattress topper, a recommended size to go for is 91cm x 188cm + 50cm. The size may vary if you have a thicker mattress or are looking for a particular design, though. All of Manchester Warehouse's single mattress toppers are made to the highest quality standards to ensure the most supportive and protective outcome.

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Single mattress toppers & underlays.

Add cushioned support and a protective layer over your mattress with Manchester Warehouse's Single Mattress Toppers.

Should I use a mattress topper or a mattress protector?

When deciding between these two, your choice ultimately depends on how much support you need during sleep and how much protection you want for your mattress. A single mattress topper will provide your single bed with a thick extra layer, and they can come in many different designs for various needs. You may need it to help cope with allergies, back pain, prevent bacteria growth, and more. It is the preferred covering over a mattress for anyone with a requirement for extra support and optimal health.

Can I use a single mattress topper on a king single bed?

Using a mattress topper single on a king single bed will create an uneven surface to lay on due to its smaller size. A single bed mattress topper should go with a single bed. By using this appropriate size, you can guarantee an even, comfortable, and smooth fit, so your sleep is as restful as possible. It will also fully cover the top layer of the mattress, so it performs properly as a protective layer.