Standard Pillows

What is a standard size pillow?

Every comfortable bed has at least two sleeping pillows, no matter the size of the bed. For a smaller bed, like full size or twin size, the standard size pillow is the best option if you want to fit two sleeping pillows on one bed and save space for decorative pillows. Check out our Pillows collection for more option or our European pillows to complete your bed with more decorative essentials.

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Standard size pillows.

If you’re revamping your bedroom, including your bed, then pillows have to be included in the makeover! When looking for the perfect standard size pillow to last you years with the most comfort, Manchester Warehouse is the best place. We offer affordable options for high-quality pillows in any size, and standard size pillows are essential for most beds that we are happy to provide. In every great bedroom is a wonderfully cozy bed.

Is a standard size pillow the same as Queen?

The standard pillow size is close to Queen pillow size, but they are not quite the same. In Australia, the standard pillow size is 51cm X 66cm. A Queen pillow size is just 10cm larger in width, at 51cm X 76cm, to fit better for a Queen bed. However, standard size pillows can also be quite versatile to any size mattress. They can be added to a Queen bed in lieu of Queen pillows in case you want to fit more sleeping pillows. On a Queen bed, you can fit 3-4 standard size pillows.