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Why you should choose Super King bed linen for pure luxury in your bedroom

Gone are the days when getting a good night’s rest seemed impossible! If you’re sick and tired of playing tug of war with your quilt, or you’re simply looking to achieve that oversized, comfortable and luxurious feel for your master bedroom, then super king bed linen is your answer! Super king bed linen is designed to create the perfect fit for your king-size bed, and is available in a range of quilts, super king quilt covers, and coverlets, with many manchester brands and retailers expanding their products to cater for this demand.

You may be asking yourself, ‘how did I not know this existed?’. To be fair, you are not alone, and there can be a lot of confusion when it comes to finding the perfect linen for fitting out your king-size bed. This mainly stems from the fact that super king mattresses do exist, and with all this hype around super king size bed linen, there isn’t always a clear understanding of the differences between king and super king mattresses. We offer a full range of stylish choices in super king sizing, so whether you're into bold colours or patterns and prints like striped or floral quilt covers you'll find something that's right for you.

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Super king bedding linen.

What is super king bed linen?

Let’s start with the basics. The standard Australian super king quilt size is 270cm x 240cm, which is why it sits so comfortably on a king size mattress of 183cm x 203cm, giving your quilt the ‘overhang’ effect. However, having a super king size quilt and doona cover does not necessarily mean that you need super king sheets, mattress protectors or toppers. Finding the perfect sheet for a king size bed is a common issue, especially nowadays where manufacturers are making mattresses with extra deep sided walls. Many people believe that super king sheets are the right fit for extra deep or high king size mattresses, which is not the case. This is where mega and deluxe sheet sets come in to play, offering either a 50cm or 60cm fitted sheet wall as opposed to a 40cm wall or less.

Why use super king bed linen?

Most stylists recommend choosing a doona one size bigger than your bed no matter what size your bed is, for a few different reasons. If you’ve got a king size bed, a super king quilt is the perfect choice for you. A super king doona will offer you

  • The ‘overhang’ effect - ideally your doona or quilt should hang down the sides and end of the bed a little bit, and some extra overhang can look better, especially on a taller bed or high mattress
  • A little luxury - thick, oversized doonas and blankets ooze luxury. High-end hotels often use this trick to help make their beds look so inviting.
  • Less fighting over the covers at night, with plenty of doona on each side of both people in the bed
  • Added warmth in winter - having extra quilt accommodates for more movement and the ability to wrap more of the quilt around yourself.

What if I have a super king bed?

Super king size bedding is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to a king size bed, but it is also used by people with a super king bed. A super king bed size is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home, especially if you have a large bedroom with a lot of space to fill. They can also be invaluable for tall people with long limbs, people who find it difficult to sleep with someone too close beside them, or people who have a lot of kids that like to squish into bed with them. 

Super king measurements are pretty straightforward, since it’s basically a giant square. The bed is 203cm X 203cm (6’8” X 6’8”). That’s the length of a queen size bed or king size bed, but across width as well as length. Super king size bed dimensions are luxurious, but some people see super king beds for sale and can’t resist, buy super king bed frames, get them home and then realise none of their bedding fits and they’re having trouble finding all the necessary accessories. If you’re weighing up king vs super king bed dimensions, make sure you consider all the extras.

What other super king bedding and accessories might I need for my super king bed?

Once you buy a super king bed, some of the things you might be looking for include:

A super king quilt (super king quilts may also be called super king comforter, super king doonas, or may be listed as a super king duvet)

Super king quilt cover set (a super king quilt cover may also be called super king coverlets, or you may find super king size duvet covers, super king comforter sets, or super king doona covers)

Super king sheet sets (including both a super king fitted sheet and super king flat sheet)

  • A super king bedspread
  • A super king mattress protector
  • A super king quilt 
  • A comfy super king mattress topper
  • A super king electric blanket for those chilly winter nights
  • A super king valance to cover the base of the bed
  • Super king blankets (may or may not be officially marketed as a super king blanket - you just need to find super king size blankets if you want them to fully cover the bed)
  • Some people also choose to buy super king pillows to accompany their super king bed, but be aware that this often means you need to buy pillow cases separate from your super king bedspreads, super king quilt covers and super king sheets. A super king quilt cover set or super king sheet set will usually include pillow cases for regular sized pillows.

Just like shopping for shoes with a larger than average foot size, it can be difficult to find super king size quilts, super king bed sheets and super king quilt sets in just any bedding store, and since less stock is produced, it can be tough to find super king quilt covers Australia on sale racks or super king bedding clearance stock in store. Thanks to the internet, though, you can easily find all the extras you love at an affordable price, and have it delivered straight to you. With super king beds growing in popularity, top brands are increasingly producing super king bedding, so you don’t have to scrimp on quality! On our site you’ll find a huge range of premium offerings, including Sheridan super king quilt covers, Linen House super king quilt covers and Logan and Mason super king quilt covers. 

Whether you’ve got a king bed or a super king bed, Manchester Warehouse is the place for you to buy super king quilt covers and super king coverlet in Australia. We ship super king products especially super king comforter sets Australia wide and beyond. We deliver all our super king linen Australia wide with flat rate shipping of only $9.95, so you can get super king size quilt covers without a super king size price.