Our Sustainability Range features our curated collection of sustainable, Australian bedding. With a nod to contemporary design, help to create environmental sustainability for the planet by shopping ECO-friendly materials, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and hemp fabric made from Eucalyptus fibres.

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Sustainable bedding.

Sustainable bedding ensures a low impact on our environment without compromising comfort or satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation – you’re helping protect our planet while also experiencing the benefits of natural materials. Fabrics such as bamboo-cotton blends, organic cotton, and hemp possess natural temperature-regulating qualities and softness, which translates into incredible comfort and practicality, and all products are designed for sustainability. All of our organic cotton and organic bedding Australia products also come with a GOTS certification and are thus guaranteed to meet set criteria to be labelled as ‘organic’. Read our story of making your home sustainable to get further insight.

What is the most sustainable bedding?

When searching for the most sustainable bedding, always be sure to read the brand description that certifies the product is made with sustainably sourced materials. After this first step, you can start looking at specific materials you may want to experience. Cotton, hemp, eucalyptus, and bamboo have long been praised as the most sustainable bedding options due to how efficiently and sustainably the materials can grow, in addition to their comfort, breathability, and durability. We have many sustainable bedding designs here at Manchester Warehouse to browse, including organically sourced cotton, hemp, eucalyptus, and bamboo products. 

How to take care of your sustainable bedding?

While we always recommend viewing the manufacturer or brand guidelines for caring for your sustainable bedding, the rule of thumb is never to dry clean, tumble dry, bleach, or soak the item unless specifically advised. You can usually perform a cold, gentle machine wash with similar colours and finish with a line dry in the shade, but referring to your product's specific care instructions is always best. This way, you will preserve the sustainable nature of the design for as long as possible. Great sustainable bedding is also typically durable in nature, ensuring a long product lifecycle and reducing the need to replace products in your home as frequently.

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