V Shape Pillowcases

What are v shaped pillow cases?

V shaped pillow cases are designed to cover your v shape pillow with a protective and stylish layer. They are created to match the exact shape of this particular pillow, which is also known as a tri, boomerang, or triangle pillow. This is an important accessory as it helps protect the pillow inside from sweat, dirt, spills, and other bacteria - not to mention they can be removed for easy washing!

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Premium v shape pillowcases.

Every pillow needs a protective case, and our V Shaped Pillow Cases Australia give your tri pillow that necessary touch of essential style and durability.

How to decorate with your v shape pillowcase?

As tri pillows are often placed in front of your other standard pillows on the bed, you can decorate with your v shape pillow according to your bedding and bedroom decor. We have plenty of neutral and soft colours available that can easily complement your quilt cover, pillows, and other accents in the bedroom. These cases are all high-quality and designed for long-lasting use, with notable brands like Logan & Mason Lifestyle and Linen House Lifestyle.

How often should you wash your v shape pillowcase?

If you only use your v shape pillowcase decoratively (and not for sleeping), then you may only need to wash it every 2-4 weeks. If you sleep with this pillow, we recommend washing the tri pillow cases at least every two weeks, but possibly more often depending on the climate, how hot you sleep, and if it becomes dirty faster. You can easily wash them with your other bedding, such as the sheets and quilt - be sure to wash with similar colours and follow the brand guidelines!