Velvet Cushions

What are Velvet cushions?

Velvet cushions are made with certain fabric compositions, such as polyester or cotton/polyester, with a velvety finish. This texture is unique and exquisite, with a soft, distinct feeling that one can only describe as luxury. They are often the preferred type of cushion for interiors where elegance and luxury are fundamental for uplifting a grand atmosphere.

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Add luxury to your home with velvet cushions.

Manchester Warehouse's Velvet Cushions Australia come in a wide selection of colours, shapes, and sizes to add a decorative and comforting accent to the living room or bedroom.

Is velvet a good composition for cushions?

Because of its luxurious appearance and feel, velvet makes a wonderful material for cushions. Additionally, it is made of a strong, long-lasting material. Velvet also makes a great material for cushions because it is simple to maintain and clean.

How do I style velvet cushions?

You can style a velvet cushion in various ways according to your preferences and home. For example, you can use them to add a pop of colour and texture to the bedroom across the bed or an armchair. In the living room, they make wonderful eye-catching accents as well as a comfortable feature for sitting and napping. You can opt for a more subtle and simple look with neutral and solid tones, contrast with vibrant colour schemes, or discover printed designs. Combine several velvet cushions together within one set to play around with different colours and shapes. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a whole variety of these, including elegant round cushions and more sophisticated styles.

Can you wash velvet cushions?

To wash and care for your velvet cushions, we recommend removing the insert first and then using a cold, gentle machine wash on a normal spin with similar colours, avoiding soaking, bleaching, tumble drying, or dry cleaning to preserve the texture and strength. Hand wash or dry clean with a mild detergent and avoid wringing or scrubbing the fabric. After washing, the cushion should be dried flat or hung up to air dry in the shade, and if necessary, warm ironed on reverse. Always follow the individual product care label for best practice.

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