Vintage Design Homewares

Why choose Vintage Design Homewares?

Vintage Design Homewares has an excellent reputation for timeless style, iconic colour schemes, and premium materials. Their wide range allows customers to complement many different decor schemes while balancing sophistication with elegance. From solid colours to acid-washed patterns and velvety textures, it's easy to see how this brand has made a name for itself.

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Vintage design homewares collection.

Elegant and classic, Brand Vintage Design Homewares captures authentic comfort with essential functionality in their contemporary home designs.

What are Vintage Design Homewares products available at Manchester Warehouse?

At Manchester Warehouse, we are proud to offer Vintage Design Homewares products in a large range. This includes their baskets, quilt cover sets, poufs, rugs, pillowcases, sheets, and more, so you can devise the perfect comfortable space in the bedroom or living room. Many of these designs can be combined or displayed throughout your home for a gorgeous, homey aesthetic.

What Vintage Design Homewares products should I buy?

With such a large variety to browse, the Vintage Design products you can buy may depend on your decorating requirements. You can refresh the bedroom with one of their quilt cover sets and pillowcases or add a new touch to the living room with a pillow, pouf, or rug. The sophisticated style of their designs ensures a lovely, timeless appeal wherever you use them, not to mention comfort and practicality. You can select a simple, solid colour or opt for a subtle pattern like the Carmen style. The large range of acid-washed products also makes a beautiful addition to an otherwise dull setting.

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