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Waffle Blankets

What is a waffle blanket?

A waffle blanket gets its name from the small squares indented over the entire blanket, similar to a waffle. While this gives it a distinct style, the weaves also create a multi-purpose experience, offering warmth and breathable comfort for any season. Some describe it as a thin and thick blanket in one, hence its versatility.


Our versatile, comfortable, and premium Waffle Blankets provide the best flexibility when it comes to all-year-round comfort and warmth, with a variety of unique colours and designs to choose from.

Are waffle blankets warm?

Waffle blankets are indeed warm for use during the cooler months. It is heavy enough for winter warmth and comfort but also cool enough to use during the hotter months with its breathability. The unique weaving that gives it the "waffle" name adds to its ability to regulate your body heat and maintain excellent durability over many uses. They are often layered with other blankets for bedding and can be easily stripped off as the seasons change.

How do you wash a waffle blanket?

The washing care instructions for each waffle blanket design may vary. They are typically machine-washable and easy to care for. In general, you should wash it on its own before the first use and then wash with similar coloured garments after that. Set your washing machine to cold water and a gentle cycle to avoid breakage. We recommend that you do not dry clean, wring or soak your waffle blanket to ensure its longevity. Browse our full range of blankets for more options!