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White Coverlets

Are white coverlets a good choice for your bed?

You can never go wrong with white coverlets. This versatile choice makes it easy to decorate the bedroom, giving it a fresh, sophisticated, and serene aesthetic. Perfect for any decor, including bohemian, Hamptons, minimal, and elegant, a white coverlet will do wonders for the bedroom and your sleeping routine. Take inspiration from a 5-star hotel setting and give your bedroom a touch of classic comfort, or browse our whole Coverlets range for more inspiration.


Able to match with anything while giving your bed that final, dazzling look, our White Bed Coverlet collection guarantees a dreamy and tranquil atmosphere for the bedroom.

How to keep your coverlets white?

While a white bed coverlet is beautiful and versatile, it's also incredibly important that you keep up a strict washing routine to preserve their gorgeous white tone, which you can read more about below. Keeping them white will require proper care that takes the weather, your personal sleeping habits, and occasional accidents into account - but aside from the regular wash, you can also try popular DIY methods like baking soda and vinegar incorporated into the cycle.

How often should you wash white coverlets?

How often you wash your white coverlet will always depend on a few things, like the amount of moisture in the bed due to the weather. It may also depend on how you use the coverlet in the bed (on top, between the sheet and doona, or as a blanket, for example). With that in mind, you should aim to wash the white bed coverlet at least once a week so that you always have it fresh and cosy, or every two weeks if it is used on top.