Winter Blankets

Which blanket is best for winter?

Depending on how cool the weather is during winter at your home, you may prefer one particular winter blanket over another. At Manchester Warehouse, we have a variety of fabrics when it comes to winter blankets, including thick wool, velvety smooth polyester, and fleece styles. The best blanket for you will vary according to certain preferences - but you can never go wrong with wool or velvet fleece when the temperatures drop.

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Winter blankets range.

Were you searching for the perfect warm blanket for winter? Our collection of Winter Blankets will have you feeling snug, warm, and relaxed in their cosy cocoon of luxury.

How do you decide on the best winter blanket?

There's a lot to consider when choosing the best winter blanket for you. Everything from the climate where you live to the regular temperature of your home/bedroom as well as personal preferences all play a role in which winter blankets are perfect for you. We recommend browsing Manchester Warehouse's full blankets range if you're looking for other seasonal blankets.

What is the warmest blanket for winter?

You can never go wrong with a wool blanket when you need a warm blanket for winter. For example, our Australian Merino Wool Blanket by Alastairs' offers unparalleled comfort and warmth with its authentic design. Wool is remarkable for insulating warmth in a bed in addition to its heavyweight and ability to wick moisture away, keeping you dry rather than sweaty. As your body temperature may change during your sleep, wool adapts according to this, keeping it breathable and cosy all night long.

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