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Australia has the world's most advanced wool industry. No other country has such an efficient, transparent and highly developed wool marketing system. Australia's advanced systems can also trace wool right back to the land where it was produced, providing consumers with confidence in the origin and quality of the wool used in the products they buy. This Farm2Shelf characteristic is one of the most important characteristics of Woolstar Australia, and in fact the wool can be traced back to the very farm it came from. One of those farms is known as ‘Springwaters’ – the backyard of the Rowley family. This beautiful farm is tucked away in a small pocket of regional New South Wales, in the town of Boorowa.



MM Linen Sustainable Fabric Packaging

 All of MM Linen’s products are certified Carbon Neutral Textiles, which means every emission created in relation to the production of a piece, from seed-to-store is accounted for. The factory has solar panels on the roof, and these account for 90% of the energy used through the factory. In 2018 MM Linen switched the packaging of their quilt covers/duvets and sheet sets from a plastic outer to a material outer made from the same fabric, encouraging these to be re-used.



Cabana Stripe Upcycled Cotton 75x150cm

Bambury have given perfectly good cotton fibres a new lease on life, with their range of up-cycled cotton beach towels. Saving fabric from becoming landfill, the Cabana Stripe Upcycled Cotton 75x150cm Beach Towels are a sustainable, and easy care option. This is just one of the contributions that Bambury make towards reducing their impact on the environment.




Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser

The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser is a Public Ancillary Fund which focuses on raising awareness and much needed funds in order to treat and cure children suffering from Arthritis and Uveitis. The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser began in 2007 when Mary Kranitis, wanted to help her my son get answers about a disease that the Doctors themselves didn't know the cause of. In order to continue research there is a need to raise in excess of $100,000 every year. The Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser will continue to fund the scholarship in order to give children the best quality of life and the answers that they deserve.



Caring Kids

Caring Kids Incorporated is a hybrid social enterprise toy recycler and registered charity that provides bespoke Toy Boxes and financial assistance to young people caring for a family member with a disability or illness in Sydney. Donated toys resold by volunteers fund the CaringKids Grants program for personal development, recreation and essential household items & also fund postage for bespoke Toy Boxes to reach kids in need so they can play, learn and read. In 2018, CaringKids volunteers collected, recycled and re-distributed over 3,000 toys, puzzles, books and games preventing toys from becoming landfill and giving toys a second-chance by selling them to families.



World Vision Australia, Mody Ba

Children in Mody Ba’s community in Senegal, face many challenges. Decades of drought have reduced crop production, affecting incomes and food variety. Malnutrition and preventable illnesses such as malaria and diarrhoea are common. Health services are limited, with undertrained and under-equipped staff. Education facilities are limited, with one high school and one pre-school serving the entire district. Many primary school classes take place in temporary thatched shelters. Teachers are poorly trained and supervised. Many children work to support their families instead of attending school. Girls and children with disabilities often miss out on education due to early marriage and discrimination. Since 2010, with the help of World Vision Australia and donations from our customers, Manchester Warehouse has helped to provide training for health workers, educational support and training for teachers, health and nutrition education, improved access to education, and safe water storage facilities for local schools.




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