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What should I look for when I buy bedding?

We use our bed every day of the year, and as such, it is crucial to buy bedding that is appropriate for your individual needs, bedroom decor, and the bed that you are layering. There are a number of things to look for when purchasing your bedding, some of which you may have never considered before. This should be a careful process, so you aren’t wasting money or time on bedding that is unsuitable for you. Manchester Warehouse wants only the best quality and most suitable bedding for your needs. We understand how important sleep is for everyone’s health. The unique production methods of our linen bedding are solely implemented to achieve premium quality.


When buying bedding, size is a significant factor to look out for. The size of your bed, whether it be a single, double, queen, king, super king, or even for a child’s bassinet, will greatly influence your decision for bedding. Buying the wrong size of linen bedding will interfere with your comfort, the style of the bed, and your warmth. For example, layering a king bed with queen bed linen will create a draft while you sleep and won’t cover up the mattress properly. It won’t look visually appealing, and you’ll find yourself extremely uncomfortable during the night, especially if it’s cold. A good rule of thumb is to always opt for a size up in bed linen than what your bed size is. This would mean buying king bedding for queen beds, super king bedding for king beds, and so forth. This way, you can cover the bed properly to maximise comfort, warmth, and style. Check out our king quilt covers for your queen bed.


The colour of your chosen bed linen should complement the rest of your bedroom decor. Manchester Warehouse is a bedding store that offers a wide variety of colours in bedding, so whether you have a dark and moody, soft and neutral, or white and bright bedroom, there’s something for everyone. Choose a colour that will go with your entire bedroom or house decor. Make sure it is a colour that also inspires a sense of tranquillity and relaxation - exactly what a resting space should feel like. Alternatively, if you have a bold personality, opt for wildly contrasting tones. Browse our gorgeous pink quilt covers for your options.


Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the composition of your bedding. We provide various compositions such as linen, cotton, bamboo cotton and many more. This is especially important for those in cooler climates where layering the bed properly is essential. A bed linen set will typically include a flat or fitted bed sheet to go around the mattress securely, followed by a flat top sheet. Then, you should choose either a quilt, duvet, or blanket to go on top, which is what provides the most warmth. Optional add-ons depending on your style and the climate include dust ruffles, comforters, coverlets and extra blankets.


Finally, for the fun part, you should determine the style of bedding you want. There are many styles out there that vary from techniques and fabrics to patterns and stitching, as well as specific designs that are made for different temperatures. Consider what your current bedroom decor looks like, and base your decision on that. Is it elegant and grand? Simple and minimalist? Bohemian with florals and lots of patterns? All that’s left to do is choose a style that matches this same aesthetic!

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