Eco-friendly Quilt Bedding Trends


20th February 2023

Sustainability is the most important concept for our generation. Eco-friendly isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s an absolute necessity. Most consumer goods, from toothbrushes to clothing, come with greener options. So why is it that we don’t usually consider reducing our carbon footprint while we sleep?

Sustainable bedding has become an increasingly popular trend over the last few years. And considering the fact that the textile industry contributes to over 10% of total global carbon emissions- and the amount of material it takes to make doonas, sheets, and pillows — switching to eco-friendly options could have a lasting impact on the way we interact with our environment.

So, if you’re looking to make the switch, here are some options to help you along.

Organic Cotton Quilts

Slightly different from your standard cotton quilts, organic cotton-filled doonas are unrefined, contain no dangerous chemicals and pigments, and are manufactured to emit less carbon dioxide. While maintaining a natural softness, the cotton that goes into these quilts is also ethically sourced. Organic cotton is hand-picked, thus boosting local economies while reducing reliance on machinery. It is also, in most cases, unbleached and grown with seeds that help the soil retain its natural fertility—a massive impact for a tiny change.

Here are a few products from our Quilts collection:


Eucalyptus Bedding

It isn’t the most common material you’d associate with a good doona, but eucalyptus is a wonder plant for making eco-friendly quilts. The trees provide a fibre known as Tencel Lyocell, which gives these sheets their sustainable tag. Unlike some of its counterparts, Eucalyptus fibres are made of recyclable and planet-friendly solvents.

The trees grow easily and quickly, use very little water, and don’t require as many harsh chemicals or pesticides. What’s more — they’re a dream to cuddle up with. Soft as a cloud and breathable enough to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Bamboo Quilts

Bamboo bedding is reaching new heights in 2023. Extremely popular and trendy, they’re also a solid eco-friendly option. Bamboo trees grow quickly and require minimal use of pesticides and fertilisers. Additionally, they absorb a large amount of greenhouse gases, replenishing the air with Oxygen. Bamboo quilts are also exceptionally durable, ensuring that they are sustainable in every sense of the word.

Here is our bamboo quilts collection for your option:


Hemp & Linen Quilts

Here’s a quick quiz for you. What materials are more robust than cotton and made from 100% natural fibres? If your answer was either hemp or linen, congratulations, you’ve just won access to some of the most comfortable and eco-friendly sheets money can buy. While both seem like coarse fabrics, the production processes these materials go through before they’re made into sustainable bedding give them an incredibly soft and comfortable finish. They’re made without harmful chemicals and are built to last.

Sleep Easy

It isn’t so often that you can contribute in a meaningful way from the comfort of your bed. In fact, they say it takes just a small step to help save the planet, but in this case, you don’t even have to bother putting your feet on the floor to do your bit.
I have inserted our website link to all Sustainable products on our website. I think this is a good starting point and reference guide when we do anything on sustainability.