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Bamboo Quilts

What is a bamboo quilt?

Bamboo quilts are made with natural bamboo fibres that are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Today, bamboo is utilised in many production processes for various products, praised for its ECO-friendly approach.


Healthy sleep comes easy when you choose one of our Bamboo Quilts & Doonas, available in a wide range of styles and sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

Are bamboo quilts good?

Bamboo doonas are becoming a more popular choice for bedding for their healthy properties, so those with allergies can experience a good night's rest. They also naturally regulate temperature and feel light and soft, making them perfect for warmer weather. Their resilience and softness with excellent breathability ensure you won't overheat or feel discomfort during the night.

Are bamboo quilts good for summer and winter?

Australia can be a country where it can be extremely humid, hot, or cold, depending on where you live. Due to the natural temperature regulation of bamboo quilts, you can enjoy using them in both summer and winter. You can keep warm and cosy in winter without overheating, and during summer, you can feel cool and dry. Despite being a more popular choice for hotter climates, you can have peace of mind knowing that bamboo will perform well in any weather.

How do you choose a bamboo doona?

First, ensure you choose an authentic, high-quality bamboo doona that has genuine bamboo fibres, which is what we at Manchester Warehouse promise. You'll then need to match the doona with your bed measurements to achieve the essential qualities of warmth and comfort. 

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