Our Best 5 Sheets For Autumn

As the amber hues of autumn descend upon us, it's time to tuck away those light, breezy linens and embrace the cosy embrace of sheets that promise to keep the chill at bay. In Australia, where the seasons march to their own distinct drumbeat, selecting the perfect set of sheets for autumn isn't just about warmth; it's about celebrating the season's earthy tones and finding the perfect texture.

Imagine sheets that are the perfect symphony of comfort and style—soft enough to lull you into a serene slumber, yet robust enough to withstand the cool nights. We're talking about fabrics that whisper tales of snug evenings with a good book and the soft patter of rain against the windowpane. From the buttery smoothness of a higher-thread count sateen to the luxurious drape of bamboo blends, the right sheets can elevate your bed from a mere piece of furniture to a sanctuary.

So, let's embark on a journey to find the ultimate autumnal bedding. Whether you're after the cosy charms of flannelette or the sleek sophistication of sateen, this guide will unveil the best sheets to ensure your autumn nights are nothing short of sublime. After all, in the land Down Under, we take our sleep seriously—why should the changing leaves change that?

1. Our Bamboo Eco Sheet Sets

Our top recommendation for sheets during Autumn in Australia is our best-selling, buttery soft bamboo eco range by Armidayle. The range comes in a variety of colours, including both white and charcoal. You can also choose between buying a full sheet set or a standalone fitted sheet, as well as extra pillowcases if needed. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, so these are amongst the best options for a pillowcase fabric, helping to keep your hair and face fresh every night.

What you need to know:
  • buttery soft against the skin, cool to the touch but quickly warms
  • has a slight sheen
  • extremely breathable, with optimal bamboo fibres a natural temperature regulator
  • moisture-wicking, keeping you dry whilst you sleep during random temperature spikes as summer fades

Best suited for: people that like the feel of a silky, breathable sheet, and want something suited for all seasons, not just Autumn.

armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-white, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-silver, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-granite, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-sky-blue, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-navy, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-ivory, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-blush, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-stone

armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-white, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-sky-blue, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-silver, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-blush, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-stone, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-granite, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-navy, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-ivory


2. Hotel Augusta Cotton Sateen Sheets

A highly popular choice during Autumn, is the Linen House Hotel Augusta sheet range. This stunning range has been sold year on year, with a curated colour palette to choose from. You can also choose between buying a full sheet set, a standalone flat sheet or a standalone fitted sheet, as well as extra pillowcases if needed (European, standard and body). 

What you need to know:
  • smooth/soft feel against the skin, due to the sateen weave, which also gives it a sheen
  • cool to the touch but quickly warms
  • made from cotton, which is a classic sheet fibre and by far the most popular option
  • 500thc, meaning it has a bit of weight to it (more threads means more weight!)
  • breathable, due to cotton being a natural fibre, offering decent temperature regulation

Best suited for: people that like the feel of traditional cotton sheets, well-constructed with an elegant sateen weave. It's also a great option for those that like a weightier sheet any time of the year, but particularly for the cooler months.

linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-pale-blue, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-green-gum, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-white, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-taupe, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-grey, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-magnet

linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-pale-blue, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-magnet, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-grey, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-green-gum, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-taupe, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-white


3. Stonewashed French Linen Sheet Set

With linen sheets becoming a new trend, it can be hard to tell if they're right for you. The reality of linen sheets is that they're a great choice for both comfort and style. They offer a homey, organic vibe, with a soft texture that softens even more with every wash. The range offers several beautiful colours, from sage green to a playful lilac. They offer a full sheet set, and standalone pillowcases in case you need extras to mix and match colours. 

What you need to know:
  • soft, textured/organic feel, which softens further with every wash
  • warm/neutral to the touch, warms quickly & offers a cosy sensation in bed without being stuffy
  • made from linen, a very durable and breathable fibre
  • offers decent temperature regulation

Best suited for: people that like the look and feel of linen (a more relaxed, chic style). It's great for all year long, so its best suited to those that like an organic feel against the skin.

armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-lilac, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-white, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-sage, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-ochre, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-olive, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-blush, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-dove-grey, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-natural, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-butter


4. Flannelette Sheets (Printed & Plain-Dye)

Fluffy, soft and warm, the flannelette sheet range from Linen House offers both unique seasonal prints and monochrome plain-dye colours. Flannelette fabric is cotton fabric that has been brushed to add the fluffy texture you may know and love. It's a timeless classic for winter bedding, but some enjoy using it as early as autumn. They offer several options as full sheet sets. 

What you need to know:
  • fluffy, soft and cosy feel against the skin
  • warm/neutral to the touch, warms quickly and is designed to retain warmth
  • made from cotton, it still offers some degree of breathability, though less so because the brushed fibres retain warmth

Best suited for: people that like to rug up in winter, or feel the cold easily at night.

linen-house-lifestyle-tyra-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-forest, linen-house-lifestyle-plain-dyed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-lavender, linen-house-lifestyle-benina-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range, linen-house-lifestyle-cheyene-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range, linen-house-lifestyle-plain-dyed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-mist, linen-house-lifestyle-nica-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range, linen-house-lifestyle-dandi-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range, linen-house-lifestyle-abbi-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-oatmeal, linen-house-lifestyle-abbi-printed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-dijon, linen-house-lifestyle-plain-dyed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-rose, linen-house-lifestyle-plain-dyed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-white, linen-house-lifestyle-plain-dyed-flannelette-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-taupe


5. Bed T Jersey Sheet Range

The Bed T jersey range is a sheet set option unique to trans-seasonal months, and a great alternative to flannelette sheets (without sacrificing any cosiness). The range offers this unique fabric in three colourways as full sheet sets. 


What you need to know:
  • cosy and warm against the skin, feels like a well-loved t-shirt material
  • warm/neutral to the touch, warms quickly and is designed to retain warmth
  • blend of cotton and tencel, natural fibres offering some degree of breathability
  • jersey weave means this fabric has a little bit of stretch to it

Best suited for: people that like a soft, stretchy material against the skin, and find flannelette too hot/warm.

bambury-bed-t-organica-sheet-set-range-charcoal, bambury-bed-t-organica-sheet-set-range-grey, bambury-bed-t-organica-sheet-set-range-stone