The Trending Tone: Forest Green


Forest green is a colour that was first recorded as a term in 1810, and is a hue termed off it's inspiration: the average hue, or a blend of all the leaves of the trees making up a forest.

When it comes to styling homes, a multitude of textures, tones, shapes and overall composition of a room is all largely inspired by (whether consciously or not) mother nature. From less subtle floral prints to rounded columns that draw upon the forms of trees, homes are our way of bringing nature indoors, whilst still remaining connected to our ecosystem.

Inspired by the calming sensation of forest bathing, a deep, soothing green hue can be found among a range of styles in our Autumn '24 collection.


The Sussex Range by Bianca

Linen House is an Australian brand dedicated to high-quality, beautiful, playful designs. If you want a colourful, curated aesthetic, look no further.

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bianca-sussex-43x43cm-filled-cushion-forest-green, bianca-sussex-quilt-cover-set-range-forest-green, bianca-sussex-european-pillowcase-forest-green


The Levon Range by Linen Range

Bianca is known for its modern, elegant approach to style. From minimalist embroidery to plain-dye velvet, Bianca offers a range of well-made designs.

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linen-house-lifestyle-levon-european-pillowcase-jade, linen-house-lifestyle-levon-quilt-cover-set-range-jade


The Samira Range by Bambury

Bambury offers a range of bedding that caters to a cosy modern or boho chic sort of style. We recommend Bambury if you like seasonal tones and on-trend textures.

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bambury-samira-european-pillowcase, bambury-samira-quilt-cover-set-range


The Luxury Velvet by Aura

For sustainable, luxury home goods, Aura is the perfect brand. Operated and owned in Australia, Aura specialises in organic cotton, linen and velvet fabrications.

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aura-luxury-velvet-european-pillowcase-caper, aura-luxury-velvet-coverlet-caper