Satin Pillowcase: Pros and Cons, Myths and Styling

A satin pillowcase is by far the most luxurious way to a good night’s sleep. There are a range of opinions as well as a few myths surrounding this subject so we’re here to break it down for you. Covering the pros and cons of different materials, we explain what’s in it for you when it comes to a satin pillowcase and show you how to style it like a pro.


Satin Pillowcase

Satin and other materials: what’s the difference?

Our first myth to bust is that satin is a fabric. Despite popular opinion, it is actually a weave. The weave is so fine that it is invisible to the naked eye, resulting in the softness that satin is famous for. There are two types of the satin weave: polyester (synthetic) satin which is cheaper and silk (natural) satin, also referred to as charmeuse.

Manchester Warehouse stocks both silk and satin pillowcases - though we know the natural fibre is better quality, more breathable and longer lasting. A bonus for the curly haired among us is that silk has far less friction than a material like cotton or linen, reducing frizz. One way that cotton trumps silk or satin is that it is more absorbent, keeping you cool and dry during summer nights.


What do I get out of using satin pillowcases?

We understand that you want to make an informed choice so we have put together a pros and cons list to help you decide about satin pillowcases.

Less hair breakage, frizz and dryness More expensive than other fabrics like cotton
Hair blow dry stays smooth for longer Requires extra care for washing (hand wash at least first few times)
Comfortable and smooth on your skin - can reduce lines on face Can be slippery (harder to sleep and may wake up with a stiff neck)
Better for allergies (satin attracts less dust mites and mould) Less breathable than cotton
 Can slightly lessen symptoms of skin conditions like dermatitis


To add to the pros list is an extra sense of luxury that doesn’t hurt as you’re sinking into bed after a long, hard day.


Combining satin pillowcases with other bedding styles

One of the things that make a bedroom look sophisticated is a layering of tones and textures. Your satin pillowcases already provide an innate sense of luxury. To contrast the smooth satin, look for rougher textures like raw linen or cotton cushions, a chunky knitted throw or a grainy wooden bed frame. A faux fur floor rug or rich velvet cushion can also add another interesting texture to your boudoir, giving an elegant sense of variety.

Colour is also very important when styling your satin pillowcases with the rest of your bedding. A charcoal quilt cover paired with a white or pink throw rug will enhance baby pink satin pillowcases, and bold colours like canary yellow or turquoise will offset black silk or satin nicely.

Now that you’re up to speed with the ins and outs of satin pillowcases, you can decide if they are something to suit your lifestyle - or hairstyle. Manchester Warehouse has the satin pillowcase Australia loves best and these soft, luxurious clouds are sure to give you a blissful night’s rest.