Cotton Waffle Blanket Range Charcoal

Choosing the right blanket is determined by the season, any allergies and whether you usually run hot or cold. People admiringly refer to the famous Egyptian cotton sheets as the pinnacle of bedding, but cotton blankets are often overlooked. They are a fantastic year-round choice and can be a very practical replacement for a traditional doona in the warmer months.


Great for spring

Cotton blankets are a terrific option for spring because they keep you a little cooler than wool or down. Tuck your big doona away for the winter and bring out a more lightweight choice. You’ll not only be able to handle those hot nights - your bed will also get a makeover. Style your new look with some funky coloured cushions and a matching throw - you’ll be seeing your bedroom with fresh eyes. If you’ve already embraced the cotton blanket but are still feeling sweaty at night, try also switching to a cotton mattress and cotton pillows for complete breathability. Manchester Warehouse has the cotton blankets and cotton coverlets Australia wants, so don’t spend this summer kicking off your heavy feather quilt - browse our collection to find your perfect match!


A natural fiber

Cotton linen is the way to go for the hotter months. Whether it’s a cotton waffle blanket, a cotton mattress protector, cotton sheets or cotton quilt covers, this natural fabric has the breathability for an amazing night’s sleep. As the fabric releases heat, you are able to stay asleep without being disturbed.

If you are someone who struggles with allergies, investing in hypoallergenic bedding will really make a difference to the quality of your rest. As well as bamboo, wool and latex, pure cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also mould-resistant, although we still recommend washing and airing all of your bedding on a regular basis to keep dust mites, dander and dust at bay.


Cotton throws

A fantastic alternative to a cotton blanket is a cotton throw. If you are worried that the space that you are decorating would be overpowered by a full sized blanket, or you’re not looking to sleep with it at night, a throw rug can work well. Drape a throw across the end of your master and guest bed to keep as a handy alternative on warmer nights. Throw rugs are also the better choice if you are aiming for style more than practicality. Choose from a range of colours to spruce up your home and add cushions to match!

Bianca Cheshire Cotton Blanket

A cotton blanket is nothing if not versatile - style it in your master bedroom, living room or even bathroom to create the ultimate luxury feel. Use it to sleep in summer, cuddle up with it for a nap on the couch or drape it over your guest bed for a backup on a cold winter’s night. A cotton blanket has no down sides and can be used in many different ways over time in your home.

After learning about the benefits of cotton blankets, explore our diverse range of bedding and bed linen at Manchester Warehouse's bedding page, where you'll find exceptional options to complement your smart choice and create a comfortable, inviting sleep space.