Split King Bedding: Everything You Need to Know

A split king bed is a type of bed that consists of two separate long single mattresses (also known as twin XL mattresses in America) that are pushed together to create a king-size sleeping surface. This type of bed is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers a number of advantages over a traditional king-size bed. Long single beds measure 91cm wide x 203cm long, and a split king bed setup measures a total of 182cm wide x 203 cm long, which is the same as a king bed.


Discover the Benefits of a Split King Bed Setup

One of the biggest advantages of a split king bed is that it allows each partner to have their own mattress with their own preferred firmness and comfort level. This can be especially important for couples with different sleeping styles or preferences. The capacity to customise your sleeping comfort here goes all the way through from mattress selection, to sheet type, and even to the quilt with the newly trending Scandinavian two-duvet system (when you swap the traditional standalone duvet for 2x individual, single-size duvets that sit side by side) many people that share a bed are starting to prefer.

Another advantage of a split king bed is that it can help to reduce motion transfer. This means that if one partner moves around in bed, the other partner is less likely to be disturbed. This can be helpful for couples who are light sleepers or who have different sleep schedules.

Split king beds are also a good option for people who have allergies or asthma. The separate mattresses make it easier to keep each mattress clean and free of allergens.
Lastly, consider split king beds for holiday homes and getaways. Their versatility allows you to split them into 2x long single beds for separate sleepers or keep them combined to make one king bed for couples.

Discover the Essential Components for a Perfect Split King Bed Setup

When it comes to bedding for a split king bed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you will need two separate fitted sheets, one for each mattress. You will also need a king-size flat sheet to go over the top. There are a few ways you can go about this, shopping either for each item individually or looking at split king sheet sets.

In addition to fitted sheets and flat sheets, you may also want to consider other bedding items, such as a duvet cover, pillowcases, toppers and mattress protectors. When choosing these items, it is important to make sure that they are all the same size as your split king bed, and will be set up for optimum comfort. If you are looking to buy a split king bed setup for an Airbnb property or holiday rental you own, remember you will need to invest additionally in 2x spare long single flat sheets, for when the setup is split apart for separate sleepers. 

If you are looking for a luxurious way to dress your split king bed, you can consider upsizing it to a super king quilt and quilt cover set. A super king quilt is bigger than a king-size quilt, giving you more coverage over the bed and resulting in fewer tug-of-war scenarios. This can create a more elegant and sophisticated look for your bedroom.

Our Range of Split King Bedding

We stock a variety of split king bedding items, including split king sheet sets, and long single mattress toppers & protectors. We also offer long single fitted sheets and king flat sheets sold separately for those looking to fully customize each side of the bed. As of September 2023, we will also be stocking long single bed sheet sets for a more effortless shopping experience. To stay in the loop about what new products we offer, subscribe to our marketing emails!


If you opt for the Scandinavian style of sleeping, we recommend buying two individual long single quilts and quilt cover sets. If you opt for the traditional shared duvet, we recommend buying a king-size quilt and quilt cover set, or optionally, a super king-size quilt and quilt cover set for ultimate comfort.

Customise your split king bed fully by shopping our range of long single mattress toppers. These can soften up a too-firm mattress or add structural support to an ageing mattress.


Invest in a protector for each side, depending on your needs and fibre preferences. We have a range of natural fibre mattress protectors that offer breathability, like our cotton range. Our bamboo range of protectors is also great for allergies. For full protection, we also stock in some waterproof options to prevent any liquid from damaging your mattress and mattress topper.

To summarise, here are some of the benefits of using split king bedding:
  • Each partner can have their own mattress with their own preferred firmness and comfort level.
  • Motion transfer is reduced, so one partner's movements are less likely to disturb the other.
  • This type of bed is a good option for people with allergies or asthma.
  • It is easy to keep each mattress clean and free of allergens.

Here are some of the bedding items you need for a split king bed:
  • Two separate long single fitted sheets
  • One king-size flat sheet
  • A king or super king size duvet & duvet cover
  • Pillowcases
  • Two separate long single mattress protectors, and separate mattress toppers if needed

We hope this article has helped you learn more about split king bedding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We can also help you shop over the phone if you are not accustomed to online shopping, or aren't sure what to look for.

Some additional tips for choosing and using split king bedding:

  • When choosing fitted sheets, make sure they are deep enough to fit the mattresses. We offer a range of mattress height depths, from standard, to mega. Look for the depth option in the dimensions on each product page to clarify if it will fit your mattress's height.
  • If you are using a duvet cover, make sure it is the same size as your quilt! If you have bought a king-size quilt, buy a king-size quilt cover to match, and the same for super king size etc.
  • Use mattress protectors to protect your mattresses from spills and stains and increase their longevity.
  • Wash your bedding regularly to keep it clean and fresh. Fluff up and air your pillows regularly to maintain their structural support and cleanliness.

With proper care and the right items, your split king bedding should last for many years to come.