Style Your Bed to Make Your Super King Quilt Cover Stand Out


4th April 2023

Luxurious and sizable, the super king quilt covers from Manchester Warehouse come in an array of fabrics, patterns and textures to accommodate a range of styles. Most make for a great statement piece through bold colours, whilst others are refined and minimalist in their design, offering a quiet presence. If you have already invested in a quilt cover, style your bed in a way that does it justice.

Here are a few proven tips to make sure your super king quilt cover grabs attention:

1. Make Your Bed

White Super King Quilt Cover

This may seem a no-brainer, but bedroom styling begins with a well-made bed. Use a clean fitted sheet in a neutral shade with matching pillow covers to get a neat look and build your layers on it. Mix and match your fitted & flat sheets to add even more colour and offer additional contrast to your quilt cover.

Tuck the sides into hospital corners for a neater look, or leave your flat sheet untucked for a more relaxed aesthetic. Feel free to steam or iron your sheets for that crisp hotel look. This helps create the canvas over which to drape your quilt cover style over.

2. Drape the Quilt

Your quilt (or duvet) should be at least 40cm wider and 30cm longer than your mattress, never the same size or smaller. The size difference should give you enough leeway to play with your quilt's styling as it falls over the edge of your mattress.

For a designer look, align the longer side of the quilt with the foot of the bed. The rest should cover most of the bed, barring a horizontal strip at the top. This is the empty space where you will place your pillows and cushions.

There are at least two different ways of placing a quilt; choose one that suits the design of your quilt cover the best.

  • You can tuck the end corners into a neat hospital fold (like you may for sheets) into the mattress for a neater-looking quilt cover
  • For a relaxed or low-maintenance look, you can let the three edges neatly hang off the bed

But make sure that the quilt covers at least three-fourths of the bed. It will give you ample bed real estate to show off the design and patterns on the quilt cover.

Elevate your bedroom with our range of printed and bordered super king quilt covers:



3. Choose a Colour Scheme

Last but not least, the best way to make your quilt cover draw attention is to go for colours that make your super king quilt cover pop in the context of your bedroom. You could try painting your walls in muted shades, in the same colour family as the base colour of the quilt cover. Or, you could go all out and use contrasting colours.

For example, a monochrome or minimalist quilt cover will stand out when paired with muted bed accessories, like European pillows and filled cushions. But a printed or embroidered quilt cover might look better when paired with a monochrome bedsheet in a contrasting colour.



4. Pick Pillows to Match

Another sure-fire way of drawing attention to your super king quilt cover is to use pillow covers that match it. You could match your pillowcases and decorative cushions to the quilt cover to make it stand out in your bedroom.

Manchester Warehouse offers a wide selection of super king quilt covers with matching European pillowcases for seamless bed styling. Matching European pillow covers to your super king quilt cover will give your bed a visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Here are some suggestions for pairing European pillowcases with your super king quilt covers:


Give the throws a miss to show off as much of that gorgeous quilt cover as you can. And if you ever need tips on how to style a bed, check out our other blog articles for more inspiration.

To complete the look and make your super king quilt cover stand out, don't forget to explore our collection of cushions that will perfectly complement your bedding ensemble.