10 Colour Combinations to Pair With Sage Green Quilt Covers


8th April 2023

Soothing, subtle, and sophisticated, sage green has a lot to offer when it comes to style. A timeless, classy hue, it is no surprise it emerged as one of the most popular colours of 2022, making its way into almost every aspect of home decor, from wall paint to bedding accessories.

Our customers are no exception and have shown keen interest in sage green quilt covers, cushions, throws and more.

So today, we will share the top ten colours that go with sage green so you can build a sage colour haven for yourself.

1. Pristine White

Pristine White

Compliment the calming notes of sage colour with spotless white bedspreads and pillow covers. White brings out the freshness of sage green, giving you a colour combination that feels light, fresh and relaxing. You can further accentuate sage green and white with some natural brown & black furnishings.


2. Earthy Red

Earthy Red

For a warmer, bolder pairing, go for earthy reds, like terracotta. The muted colours play off each other, giving your bed a warm and bright feel. This pairing works well even during colder months of the year to create a summer vibe.

3. Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink

Just as understated as sage colour, dusty pink makes for an elegant better half to sage green. This combination exudes an undeniable feminine charm and is perfect for women who want a relaxing bedroom where they can unwind. Let us help you create the perfect combination of sage green quilt covers and dusty pink pillowcases! Here are our recommendations:

4. Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is one of those rare colours that bring out the underlying vivacity of sage green. If you have a sage green quilt cover, you could make the rest of your bed pop with accent pillows, throws, or even accessories like lamps in mustard yellow. It’s a bold and beautiful combination.

5. Teal

Teal has undertones of blue and green, complementing the almost neutral tone of sage colour. When paired together, the shades bring out the cooler tones in each other, resulting in a chic yet laid-back vibe. The pairing works well for those who prefer a comfortable and calm bedroom. Our recommendations for combining a sage green quilt cover and teal pillowcase are as follows:


6. Lavender


Lavender and sage green might seem like an unlikely pairing, but this combination is for those who love boldness in their home decor. While it is not for the faint of heart, this not-so-common combination can make a bold statement.

7. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Navy blue is just as soothing a shade as sage green, and together, the two make a very suave and elegant combination. It is also a relaxing mix that goes well in a bedroom with plants.

8. Brown

Brown and sage green are both earthy and cool shades, which is why they pair together so well. This combination can make your bedroom look earthy, yet crisp, especially if you like having plants in your bedroom. Check our product recommendations for some earthy brown bedroom ideas:

9. Grey


All shades of grey, from light to dark, look great with sage green. Chic and playful, this colour combination is great for bedrooms with plenty of sunlight or large French windows. This pairing also gives you ample leeway to play with pops of bolder colours in your decor because it is so subtle and neutral in itself.

10. Taupe

If there ever was a stunning combination that makes your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel, then this is it. Given both the colours are chic and elegant, a sage green quilt cover pairs perfectly with taupe bedspreads or even a taupe accent wall — giving you plenty to experiment with. Here are our suggestions on achieving this type of look: