What is bohemian style?

The word ‘bohemian’ was first used in the late 18th century around the time of the French Revolution when artists and creatives were forced to live a life of poverty due to political and economic upheaval and hardship. The bohemian style evolved into a highly exotic subculture that celebrated beauty, art and freedom of expression, featuring anything out of the ordinary, eclectic or romantic. Bohemian style is typified as ‘maximalist’ and makes use of natural colours and materials featuring elements like tassels, pattern, distressed fabrics as well as intricate, ornamental accessories.

Why bohemian quilt covers?

There are many reasons to choose boho quilt covers. From wanting to brighten up your bedroom and combat blank white walls to branching out because you’re bored of your current quilt cover, boho doona covers are a celebration of all things unconventional. 

How do you recognise a boho quilt cover? Iconic elements include: Ikat, tribal and tie-dye prints, tassels, braid detailing and fringes, macrame, mixed prints, suede and lace, patchwork designs, natural colours like turquoise, blue, purple, brown, white, orange and green.

What accessories suit bohemian quilt covers?

The best thing about bohemian style quilt covers is that you can’t have too many accessories. Part of the boho style is being ‘extra’, so feel free to pile several cushions on (the more tassels, fringes the better) and add a patchwork quilt or crocheted/knitted rug to the foot of the bed (homemade is even better). The boho style really suits four-poster beds and mosquito netting. Feathers, streamers and dream catchers can hang artfully from the framework above. Complete the look with a macrame floor rug to step out onto in the morning.

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