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Bedroom Cushions

How to choose a cushion for your bed?

Manchester Warehouse features a large selection of bedroom cushions, including various shapes, colours, fabrics, textures, and patterns. The Logan and Mason Lifestyle round cushions are wonderfully elegant and perfectly accent luxurious spaces, for example, while the more simple and sophisticated Bianca Vivid Coordinates Velvet cushions help complement a soft palette. There are tufted, fringed, velvety, silky, smooth, striped, dotted, and more styles to browse based on the style of the bedroom. You can even mix things up with a printed cushion, like the Paloma Living Palmy Ginger Jar design.


Shop the most luxurious and premium Bed Cushions Online at Manchester Warehouse, perfect for adding comfort and decoration to the space.

How to style cushions on a bed?

Styling cushions on a bed gives you the freedom to be creative according to your bedroom decor. You can go minimal with bed cushions leaned symmetrically against your sleeping pillows, for example, with a neutral colour scheme. Opt for a contrasting display by using colourful or patterned pillows instead - you can layer the cushions with solid colours and striped designs to create depth. If you want a more luxurious, hotel-style look, consider European cushions and bold colours like black and gold against white. Another recent trend is layering cushions of the same colour with different hues to play around with the palette. Aside from colours and patterns, the exact positioning of the cushions can also have a significant impact on your bed's expression - this could be in a triangle, square, or asymmetrical arrangement. Don't forget to consider other accents, such as a bed throw, too.