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Bedroom Throw Rugs

What is a bedroom throw?

A bedroom throw is a type of blanket that is typically smaller than a usual one and is often "thrown" over a bed or armchair. It can be used for extra warmth on cooler nights when necessary, as a decorative accent for a touch of contrast in the setting, or even to protect your chair from dust and other agents. Sometimes a bedroom throw is also used on the end of a bed for a pet to sleep on or to warm up your feet!


The perfect accent to any bedroom, our Bed Throw Rugs are incredibly versatile, whether for decorating, adding warmth, or protecting your furnishings.

How do you stage a throw on a bed?

There are various ways you can stage a throw on a bed, depending on your needs. If you want it for quick warmth during the night, you can simply leave it folded twice at the end of the bed, which also adds a decorative look. You can hang it over the corner of your bed in an angled fashion during the day or fold it multiple times as a thin border to the foot of the bed. Remember, it can also be used off the bed on a chair, sofa, or armchair - you can drape it across the armrest, the back of the chair, or on the seat as desired.

What size is a bed throw?

A bedroom throw is generally smaller than a regular blanket, making it more versatile and easy to use or wash. The size of a bed throw is approximately 130cm x 180cm, though this may vary slightly across different brands or designs. You may also see sizes like 130cm x 200cm or 130cm x 155cm. You can find many unique styles of bed throw rugs at Manchester Warehouse, including ones with fringed edges, patterns, and tassel decorations. Check out our wide range of throws for your more options.