Throw Rugs & Bed Runners

Adding a little life and personality to your bed or couch is as easy as draping a well chosen throw rug or bed runner over it. Throws are what take your bedroom to the next level and they have become a style staple for a reason. Searching for bed runners online is the smart way to shop because you have access to a wider variety and can browse from the comfort of your couch (maybe even with a glass of wine or some chocolate in hand).

The right throw rug or chunky knit blanket can tie the colours and textures of your space together, creating a cohesive atmosphere to put people at ease. Picture a grey faux fur throw tempering down a multi coloured quilt cover or a dark pink throw rug adding depth to a light toned living room. Throw rugs can collaborate with cushions to cover up tired couches, as a nesting spot for a favourite pet, or to throw over yourself and keep warm during the winter months. Whether it’s yellow, green, grey or blue that you’re looking for, Manchester Warehouse has bed runner, throw rugs and blankets online or offline to suit every kind of space.

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How to choose the perfect throw rugs for your space.

What is the purpose of a throw rug?

A throw rug is an additional decorative element that can be added to a bed, armchair or sofa, elevating the style within a space. You can also use a throw when relaxing on the couch and need a light covering for warmth or to create a cosy atmosphere. Putting a throw rug on top of a wooden bench or chair can make it softer. You can also use it to protect the couch fabric in the areas you often use.

Throws are available in various styles, colours, and sizes, ranging in price and material. It is typically a combination of the material and the size that determines the price point, with synthetic and polyester fibres usually being cheaper. Meanwhile, throws made from organic fibres, such as cotton throws, linen throws, and wool throws, tend to be more costly.

Throw rugs are usually found in the bedroom or the living room, and serve two main purposes:

Looking great - throw rugs are an important accessory that can introduce colour and texture to your space and tie together other decorative pieces, like cushions, for a more cohesive style

Keeping you cosy - throws aren’t just about looks! They also serve an important function as something you pull over yourself as you watch tv or read a book.

Some throws will be more decorative in nature, with pom pom trim, ruffles and other accents, while others will be designed mostly to keep you warm. There are even electric throw rugs available, produced for functionality. With over 130 different throw rugs online, you’re sure to find the perfect throw for your space at Manchester Warehouse, but what should you take into consideration?

Types of throw rugs



Throw rugs come in a huge range of colours, with most brands offering the same throw in a number of different colourways so you can find something to fit with your colour scheme. Some of the most popular colour groups we offer include:

  • Blue and navy - Whether it’s a soft powder blue throw rug or a deep navy throw rug, blue is popular as a calming colour perfect for a cosy space.
  • Red and orange - Red and orange throws tend to be popular for those looking to add a bright pop of colour to their space, combined with more neutral basics.
  • Purple - Purple still carries the connotation of royalty, and a rich purple throw rug is an easy way to add a sense of luxury to your home.
  • Neutrals - Neutral throws in white, cream or beige offer contrast when paired with colourful bedding or couches, and can be a great way to add texture without drawing the eye too much.

The right colour for your space depends entirely on your existing colour scheme and your personal taste.



The material of your throw rug makes a world of difference to both form and function. Introduce luxurious textures with faux fur, velvet or a chunky wool knit style, or opt for natural cotton or linen fibres.

When choosing the material of your throw rug, think about how you’re planning to use it. Will it be needing frequent washing or is it more decorative? Are you picturing snuggling under it every evening on the couch or taking it off the bed when you climb in each night? We ship our throw rugs online Australia wide, across a range of climates, so consider how the fabric you’ve chosen will match the weather. Faux fur or a thick knit throw rug might be perfect for cold Tassie nights but in Cairns you might prefer something breathable and light.

Combine the practicalities with what look and feel you prefer to make your final decision. Some of the materials available include:

Functions We often get asked if there are specific types of throw rugs for beds or for couches, but there’s not! A throw is a throw and you can use it wherever you want to. There’s nothing special about a throw rug that will dictate where it should go.

Other considerations are general style and cost. Throw rugs come in a range of styles, from a more bohemian look to very traditional. Some have tassels and trim, others are simple. This will factor into your choice! And as always, consider cost. If you’re looking for cheap throw rugs you’ll find plenty of affordable options at Manchester Warehouse, as well as those at a higher price point. There really is something for every budget.

How to style a throw rug with cushions

Throw and cushions can change a room instantly, and allow you to make more bold style choices than you might otherwise feel comfortable committing to. For many people, it is best to choose a quilt cover set or lounge furniture in staple colours that will stand the test of time, since these are expensive purchases. This pairs well with a range of colours and styles, and allows you to switch out cushions and throws each season. Not only is this more cost effective than buying a new couch every year, it leaves you free to be more daring and different with your choice.

Throw rug and cushion suppliers recognise that this is how many people use their products, so will often bring out new products each season, and ensure throws and cushions come in the same colourways to be paired together. This makes it easy to accessorise your space without having to hunt for matching colours on your own.

Our best piece of advice for styling your throws? Try to match your throw to one cushion in your collection. Ideally these will be an exact match. Make this your base, and build around it, adding in additional cushions and colours that work well. The fact that the throw and key cushion match will help tie everything else together for a cohesive look.



Are throw rugs intended for lounge rooms or bedrooms?

Throw rugs are intended for wherever you want to put them! There are no rules when it comes to throws, and they are equally at home in both spots. Bedrooms and lounge rooms are the most common rooms for throws, but anywhere you want to create a cosy spot will benefit from a throw rug.

Which throw rugs are best if I have allergies?

If you have allergies, it’s best to stick to natural fibres such as wool, cotton throws, linen throws or bamboo, and consider what will wash well so you can ensure they don’t trap dust.

What size are throw rugs?

The sizing of throw rugs varies from supplier to supplier but generally you will be looking at a rectangular shape big enough to fit almost the width of your bed - as if you’re laying a piece of fabric on top of your bed with no overhang.

Some common sizes include:

  • 130 x 150
  • 130 x 170
  • 150 x 280

You may also see bed runners available with throws. These are typically about 60 x 240 and run the width of your bed. These are generally seen in hotels or Airbnbs, running across the base of the bed in the area where someone's feet would fall if they lay on the bed with their shoes on. This is both functional and decorative, protecting the bed while often matching the bed cushions.

At Manchester Warehouse we ship our throw rugs, throw blankets, flat sheet and Sheridan sheets Australia online wide for the low flat rate of $9.95, so you can keep your home cosy and stylish without breaking the bank.