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Cotton Coverlets

Cover up the bed with one of our beautiful luxury Cotton Coverlets Australia - the perfect way to dress it up and add warmth without preventing airflow.

Is cotton good for coverlets?

Cotton is the most popular fabric and natural fibre used in clothing and bedding. For coverlets, this is an easy choice due to their optimal comfort, softness, and ability to absorb large amounts of sweat. Therefore, cotton coverlets are always recommended as a part of your bedding configuration. Cotton is also a natural fibre and allows for proper airflow, preventing that "stuffy" feeling associated with uncomfortable sleep. This natural fibre is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


What is the benefit of cotton coverlets?

Cotton bedding overall is chosen for its breathable quality, softness, and durability. Choosing cotton coverlet will bring you a soft texture on your skin, lasting lifespan, extra comfort during sleep with its breathable nature, and easy care with low maintenance. In fact, over time, cotton gradually becomes softer, therefore feeling nicer on your skin. Manchester Warehouse offers a variety of cotton coverlets and cotton blend coverlets from different brands and for multiple bed sizes, including children's sizes.

How to wash cotton coverlets?

Always use a warm machine wash with a normal spin for your cotton coverlet and rinse well. You can also perform a warm hand wash for more delicate care. It is recommended that you don't soak, bleach, rub, dry clean, or tumble dry them, and finish up with a line dry in the shade once washed. This will ensure the best lifespan and preserved quality. Browse our cotton collections for more options!