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Double Size Electric Blankets

What size is a double electric blanket?

A double electric blanket will typically come in a size of 137cm x 193cm + 41cm, although this size may differ slightly based on the brand, fabric, and other factors. This electric blanket double is a suitable size for double bed dimensions.


When the cold becomes too much, our range of premium Double Electric Blankets will keep you warm and snug throughout the whole night.

How do you use an electric blanket?

Electric blankets feature integrated electrical components throughout the fabric that are connected to the remote control on the cord. With it, you can adjust the warmth levels to your preferences and turn it on/off as desired. It's the best way to create your ideal temperature for sleeping, so you don't struggle to fall asleep due to the cold. It can also help you stay warm the entire night rather than waking up feeling restless. Manchester Warehouse offers select brands with a premium, quality feels that are made to Australian safety standards.

Can I use a double electric blanket on a queen bed?

A double bed electric blanket won't fit properly on a queen bed, and as such, you should only use it for a double bed. This ensures a snug, tight fit and prevents unnecessary cold spots on a larger bed. When appropriately fitted, an electric blanket can provide excellent warmth and comfort all night long. Choose the proper size for your bed, and you can guarantee the best comfort for both you and your partner (if applicable).