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It’s always a lovely feeling being able to relax knowing that your bed will be snuggly, toasty and warm on a cold winter’s night. An electric blanket is a must have for when that extra bit of warmth is needed. At Manchester Warehouse we provide the most reliable and safe electric blankets. With a large range of sizes that will fit any bed and slip easily into place, Manchester Warehouse has you covered and fitted from single to king. Now that cosiness is taken care of, you might want to look at sheets and quilt cover styles (i.e. geometric, bohemian or floral).

Revita Sleep Multi Zone Queen Bed Electric Blanket Revita Sleep Multi Zone Queen Bed Electric Blanket
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Electric 120x160cm Plush Throw Rug Natural Electric 120x160cm Plush Throw Rug Natural
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Linen House Lifestyle

Electric 120x160cm Plush Throw Rug Natural


Electric Quilted Blanket Range Electric Quilted Blanket Range

Linen House Lifestyle

Electric Quilted Blanket Range

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Electric Wool Blanket Range Electric Wool Blanket Range

Linen House Lifestyle

Electric Wool Blanket Range

$199.99 $179.99

Fitted Electric Blanket Range


Fitted Electric Blanket Range

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Premium Electric Blanket Range
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Premium Electric Blanket Range

$144.99 $109.99


There’s nothing better than crawling into warm, cosy sheets on a cold night, and electric blankets ensure your bed will be toasty and ready for you. Want to find out more?


Electric blankets come in all the usual sizes, including:

All the electric blankets we sell on site are fitted electric blankets. In addition to the standard sizing of the bed, beds also have variation in the depth of the mattress. Pillow top mattresses are higher than a standard mattress, and will require a deeper skirt. A number of the electric heating blankets we stock feature extra depth, with skirts up to 50cm. Be sure to choose a product that will fit on your mattress by height as well as standard sizing.

Features of electric blankets

Besides doing the basics of heating your bed, there are a number of features that are available for electric blankets. These include:

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Timer for automatic switch off, for comfort and safety
  • Removable controls to allow for machine washing
  • Safety features such as overheat protection systems
  • Different heat ‘zones’, so that different parts of the bed can be different temperatures. Typically that is the two sides of the bed, but some electric blankets also have separate zones for feet and body
  • Smart electric blankets or programmable electric blankets can be set to preheat to a certain temperature at a specific time

The features that are important to you will steer you towards the right product for you. 

Featured Products

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing an electric blanket. These are some of our favourite electric blankets for sale at Manchester Warehouse, and everything you need to know about them. 

Linen House Lifestyle electric quilted blanket and Linen House Lifestyle Electric wool blanket - These Linen House Lifestyle fitted electric blankets feature an extra deep skirt (50cm), and boast nine warmth levels with dual controls and separate feet and body zones. They are programmable for preheating and feature a timer for an automatic switch-off. These electric blankets are fully machine washable, with detachable controllers. They meet all Australian safety standards and offer a two year warranty. The quilted blanket is a standard electric blanket, while the wool blanket features a thick plush Australian wool pile on top. This is a great choice for someone with a standard mattress, without a pillowtop, who wants to add something more comfortable in addition to having heating capabilities. 

Onkaparinga Revita sleep multi zone quilted electric blanket - The Onkaparinga Revita features four heat zones and four heat settings, all on an adjustable timer for up to 11 hours. It offers detachable controllers and LED screens for the individual comfort of both people in the bed. This electric blanket meets all Australian safety standards and features an advanced overheating protection system. It boasts a five year warranty, and is fully machine washable. The skirt on this electric blanket is 41cm which is more than standard mattress depth but is unlikely to accommodate a full pillow top and bottom mattress. 

Bambury standard fitted electric blanket range - The Bambury electric blanket range offers dual controllers with three heat settings. It features braille indicators for use in the dark but no LED display. The height of the fully fitted skirt is 40cm, which will comfortably accommodate a standard mattress but will not be sufficient for a deep pillow top and bottom mattress. The electric blanket has detachable controllers for safe washing, has an overheating safeguard system and meets all Australian safety standards. It offers a two year warranty. 

From the super high end products to the more basic options, one of these products is sure to be the right fit for both your lifestyle and your budget.


What if my partner and I have different temperature preferences?

Many electric blankets feature dual zones and various heat settings, so the temperature can be tailored to the requirements of each partner. One side of the bed can be on full heat and the other doesn’t even have to be on at all, or can be on low. 

What if I have an old mattress?

To improve the comfort of your bed, consider the Linen House Lifestyle wool electric blanket. It features a plush wool pile to create a truly comfortable bed, even on an old mattress. 

Are there programmable or smart electric blankets? 

Linen House Lifestyle offers an electric wool blanket and an electric quilted blanket, both of which are programmable. With these products, you are able to program automatic preheating and a timer for automatic turn off. 

What if I have a deep mattress?

While most electric blankets are designed to fit a standard mattress, Linen House Lifestyle electric blankets offer 50cm of depth on the skirt which will fit deep mattresses such as pillowtop and bottom mattresses. 

What electric blanket is best for a commercial setting?

People shopping for commercial purposes are typically looking for a cheap electric blanket that will still perform well over a long period of time. Depending what electric blanket prices are within budget for your business, the most cost-effective option on site is likely to be the Bambury fitted electric blanket range

Which electric blanket is best if I have allergies?

All the electric blankets we sell are polyester except for the Linen House Lifestyle wool blanket, which is made from Australian wool with a polyester fitted skirt. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic which is a good choice for many people with allergies, but if you are not allergic to polyester any of our products should be appropriate.

At Manchester Warehouse we ship the best electric blankets Australia wide for one low flat rate of $9.95. That means whether you’re looking for an electric blanket in Melbourne or an electric blanket in Perth, it’s all yours for the same low price.




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