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Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

Is Egyptian cotton good for pillowcases?

Egyptian cotton pillowcases are highly luxurious and durable. As such, they are often a popular choice for those who want upper-class style bedding with that five-star hotel feel. Silky soft, and remarkably long-lasting, it's not just visual appeal but also the strength of this fabric that makes it so special. For many years, Egyptian cotton has been thought of as the most luxurious choice of bedding. As pillows are an important part of feeling comfortable during sleep, our Egyptian cotton pillowcases couldn't be more perfect. Check out Manchester Warehouse's wide range pillowcases with various compositions.


Incomparable luxury and comfort describe our Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases, which can quickly take the bedroom's appeal to new heights.

What does an Egyptian cotton pillowcase feel like?

Egyptian cotton is sourced from a unique cotton plant and therefore gives very special qualities. The matte display and "crisp" feeling are characteristic of an Egyptian cotton pillowcase. Although they may feel slightly rough at first use, your Egyptian cotton pillowcase should feel softer and softer after each wash, giving them a virtually timeless appeal. This sensation is not like regular cotton, which is less durable, weaker, and the opposite of washing - regular cotton becomes rougher over many uses.

How should I wash Egyptian cotton pillowcases?

You can safely wash your Egyptian cotton pillowcase according to the brand guidelines. Typically, you will need to perform a cold, gentle machine wash with a normal spin and avoid bleaching, soaking, and dry cleaning. You can warm iron the pillowcase if necessary, and we suggest line drying it in the shade after a wash for safety.

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