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What does Hamptons style mean?

The Hamptons style is an ongoing trend in the world of home design. A sense of sophistication characterizes this trend with cool, rustic, and casual themes. Often, many resort-like spaces utilise this trend to create a setting that feels ultimately relaxing and carefree, and it is a style that adapts to many different scenes. Natural and authentic, this trend feels right for all.


Design your home with our Trend Hampton range by inviting sophistication and casual beachy vibes into the setting - perfect for creating a comfortable sense of freedom.

What colours are Hampton style?

Typical colours associated with the "Hamptons style" are off-whites, black, navy or soft blues, grey, sand, stone, and beige tones, often accompanied by patterns like stripes or panelled walls, timber floors, and a splash of botanical greenery. These colours mesh perfectly together for a sophisticated, beachy style and are what define the Hamptons trend.

How do I decorate my bedroom to look Hamptons style?

First, you'll want to make sure your entire bedding set complements the Hamptons style for the rest of your Hamptons bedroom and home - we have a wide selection of Hamptons quilt cover designs to help with this! Focus on off-white tones contrasted by chic blue tones and sandy shades. You can keep your timber flooring visible or place a nice, simple throw rug over the top. Furnishings with beige or timber tones are also ideal, and you can also try adding some neutral grey to the walls. Finish up the bedroom with leafy green botanicals and complimenting picture frames for the final touches.

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