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King Bedspreads

What is a king size bedspread?

A king bedspread is a layer of bedding typically with a size of 285cm x 270cm, though this may be slightly larger or smaller depending on the brand and make. A bedspread itself is designed to be a decorative piece for your bed with its lightweight and stylish appearance. The idea is to use it to cover the entire bed, including pillows, with enough room to drape off the edge of the bed if desired. For a king bed, this is a true display of elegance and decorative appeal.


Elegant, sophisticated, patterned, and trendy - we offer a variety of King Size Bedspreads for every bedroom's personality.

What size bedspread do I need for a king bed?

We recommend opting for the usual size bedspread for your king mattress - in this case, that would be king bedspreads. This should offer plenty of room to cover the whole bed with extra length down the sides as well. You can check the dimensions of all bedding on Manchester Warehouse with their respective product page. We also have a full range of Bedspreads for more options.

Should I buy a king size bedspread for a queen bed?

A bedspread is designed specifically to be larger than other bedding layers for its intended purpose. Therefore, you will usually find the perfect match when purchasing the same size bedspread for your particular bed size. Bedspreads king size is ideal for a king bed, while a queen size bedspread is perfect for a queen bed. Keep in mind that due to different brands varying slightly in size, you may need to check the size before buying to ensure it is a perfect match for your bed.