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King Quilt and Doona Covers

Should I Buy A King Size Quilt and Doona Cover For A Queen Bed?

Upsizing with quilt and doona covers is actually recommended for various reasons, so buying a king-size quilt and doona cover for a queen bed is perfectly fine. Upsizing can give you optimal coverage while sleeping, ensuring you aren't left with too little covering. A larger quilt and doona cover can also help you enlarge the visual look of a bed, giving it a grander and more luxurious style.


Manchester Warehouse offers premium King size Quilt and Doona Covers to complement your bedroom decor and provide quality warmth and comfort as you sleep, suitable for Queen and King-sized beds with numerous styles available.

What Are The Standard Sizes For Quilts and Doona Covers?

Standard Australian sizes for quilt coverings go from Single, Double, Queen, King, and Super King sizes. While there are standard sizes set in place, this doesn't necessarily mean you need to choose a particular size for a bed. Some may prefer to go for a larger quilt on a smaller bed if desired, and it is sometimes recommended to upsize with a quilt and doona cover due to style and comfort.

What Size Should A King Size Quilt and Doona Cover Be?

King Size quilt covers are typically 245cm by 210cm by Australian standards.

Can I Use A Queen Quilt and Doona Cover On A King Bed?

While it is possible to use a queen quilt cover on a king-size bed, this isn't recommended at all as an option - mainly due to the fact that it won’t fit!. Upsize to get the right sizing, best coverage, comfort, and styling for the bedroom. For example, with double beds, opt for a queen size quilt and doona cover, and for queen beds, use a king quilt and doona cover.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock king quilt cover from a range of leading brands in various styles and colours, you can check our complete quilt covers in case you need more.