What’s Inside a Quilt Cover Set

Thinking about refreshing your bedding? The choices can be overwhelming with so many options available. You might wonder, "Do I buy just a quilt cover or the whole set?" Let’s dive deep into the world of quilt cover sets today, so you'll know exactly what you're getting into.

What Exactly is a Quilt Cover Set?

In the simplest terms, a quilt cover set typically includes the quilt cover itself and two coordinating pillowcases. The quilt cover serves a dual purpose. Not only does it elevate the style of your bedroom, but it also acts as a protective casing for your quilt, making it easy to maintain. Consider it like a protective yet fashionable coat for your quilt.

What's Included and What's the Size?

A quilt cover set typically consists of the quilt cover and two matching pillowcases. The sizes vary, ranging from super king quilt cover size (270cm x 240cm) to queen quilt cover size (210cm x 210cm). Check out our sizing guide page for more information. All single-bed quilt cover sets have just one pillowcase, so it's worth double-checking.

Buy Quilt Covers Individually or as a Set?

You could buy a quilt cover independently, but purchasing a set usually offers better value. Retailers often give a nice discount for sets, and you’ll save on shipping too. Not to mention, there’s something satisfying about knowing your quilt cover, and pillowcases are a perfect match.

For the ultimate coordination and value, explore our premium quilt cover sets, where sophisticated design meets cost-effectiveness, ensuring your entire bed is dressed in elegance while keeping an eye on your budget.

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The Importance of Having a Quilt Cover

Preserve Your Quilt’s Lifespan

If you’ve invested in a quality quilt, you’ll want to extend its life for as long as possible. The quilt cover is your first defence against wear and tear, accidental spills, and dust mites. It's a simple way to safeguard your investment.


Simplified Maintenance

Cleaning a quilt can often require a special trip to the dry cleaner, but with a quilt cover, you only need to toss it in the wash with your other laundry.


Elevate Your Aesthetics Bedroom

With many designs, textures and colours available, quilt covers let you switch up your bedroom aesthetics as often as you fancy. It’s like giving your room a mini-makeover without redoing the whole space. And for those who crave an extra layer of luxury, consider upsizing your quilt cover. Our super king quilt covers provide a grand, sumptuous drape, while our king quilt covers and queen quilt covers ensure a perfect fit with a touch of elegance. Check out our collection to find the ideal quilt cover that promises both comfort and a chic update to your sanctuary.


Versatility for Seasons

Quilts is ideal for the colder months, but in summer, a quilt cover can serve as a lighter blanket, offering comfort without overwhelming warmth.

In a nutshell, quilt cover sets are a win-win for both aesthetics and practicality. So, next time you browse in Manchester Warehouse, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at and why you need it.