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Queen Quilt and Doona Covers

Decorate and add warmth to your queen bed with our luxury Quilt & Doona Covers Queen collection and a wide variety of designs to browse.

What are standard sizes for Queen quilt and doona covers?

When purchasing queen bed quilt covers, the standard size you should look for is about 210cm x 210cm. Your choice of quilt cover may vary according to the style and size of your mattress, though.


Should I buy a queen quilt cover for a single bed?

Depending on the size and thickness of your mattress, you may want to opt for a larger or smaller quilt cover. A single bed will typically use a single quilt cover - however, to allow for a little extra room and overhang, a double quilt cover would be ideal. Queen size doona covers would fit well over either a queen mattress or double bed mattress, similarly. This is particularly ideal for those who have a partner they are sleeping with, as this ensures both of you get adequate coverage.

What type of queen quilt cover should I get?

First, determine your preferred style as well as the current decor scheme of your home so that the queen quilt cover can match it. You may want something sophisticated and simple, grand and luxurious, or playful and creative. You could contrast a simple bedroom with more vibrant colours or keep things minimalist if that's your style. You also need to consider the type of fabric that you'd like - linen, velvet, 100% cotton, and more - based on your climate and comfort preferences.

You can also check our wide range of quilt and doona covers in various sizes or colours such as black quilt covers or white quilt covers.