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Queen Size Quilts and Doonas

Light Wool 150GSM Quilt Range


$139.99 $179.99

All Seasons Wool 350GSM Quilt Range


$149.99 $189.99

Warm Wool 500GSM Quilt Range


$179.99 $229.99

Duck Down Light 50% Quilt Range


$149.99 $199.99

Wool 350GSM All Seasons Quilt Range


$199.99 $219.99

Warm Wool 550GSM Quilt Range


$234.99 $259.99

Alpaca Wool Blend Quilt Range


$219.99 $269.99

Bamboo Eco 350GSM All Seasons Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$219.99 $249.99

Cool Cotton 350GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$99.99 $169.99

Ultra Loft Microfibre 400GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$89.99 $169.99

Penthouse Living 500GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Hotel Collection

$139.99 $199.99

Luxe 500GSM Wool Quilt Range

Woolstar Eco

$199.99 $239.99

Luxe Four Seasons 550GSM Wool Quilt Range

Woolstar Eco

$349.99 $399.99

Chateau Micro Down 250GSM Quilt Range

Bambury Commercial

$116.99 $129.99

Villa Polyester 305GSM Quilt Range

Bambury Commercial

$53.99 $59.99

Bamboo Breathe Easy 350GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$89.99 $149.99

Microloft Warm 250GSM Commercial Quilt Range

Jason Commercial

$98.99 $109.99


We stock queen size quilts in a range of leading brands, including Alastairs, Bambury Commercial, Herington, Hilton, Jaspa Infinity, Puradown Ultimate, White Eider and Woolstar. These come in a range of compositions, including wool, synthetic, duck feather and down, goose feather and down, cotton and bamboo

What is standard queen quilt size in Australia?

The standard queen size quilt measurements are 210cm x 210cm. Because queen bed quilts are a perfect square, it doesn’t matter which way you put them on your bed. This makes it much simpler to put your doona back into your doona cover. 

Should I get a king quilt for a queen bed instead of a queen? 

We always recommend choosing a doona that is a size larger than your mattress, unless your bed is low to the floor (or straight on the floor). For most queen size beds a king size quilt would be suitable, offering an extra 35cm of width (17.5cm on each side). This is great for luxurious overhang or for tucking under the mattress for a sleek look. 

Is a full queen bed the same as a queen? Will a queen size doona fit a full queen bed?

Full queen beds are not a standard choice in Australia, and are not the same as queens. A full queen is 134cm x 190cm, whereas our queen size beds are 152cm x 203cm. That makes our queen longer and wider than a full queen. However, if you do have a full queen bed, queen bedding will fit it as it is bigger than the mattress.

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