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Weighted Blankets

What is the purpose of a weighted blanket?

Like a warm, comforting hug, a weighted blanket is more than just a standard blanket - it's a companion to your relaxation. These are designed to help put gentle but firm pressure on your body, inducing a calming state that encourages a relaxing effect. Our weighted blankets come in a selection of designs, including ones with specific purposes, such as the cooling weighted blanket for summer use.


Manchester Warehouse offers the most premium and luxurious weighted blankets in Australia to bring you incomparable comfort and relaxation when you need them most.

Does a weighted blanket work?

Many Australians all over the country have experienced the positive effects of a weighted blanket on their anxiety, autism, ADHD, stress, insomnia, restlessness, and physical ailments such as arthritis. Whether or not a weighted blanket will work for you is subject to your personal experience alone, and it depends on your particular health issue. Some call this innovative accessory a form of "at-home therapy" as it is very similar to deep pressure therapy. For the best results, be sure to purchase a size that is approximately 10% of your body weight.

Can I wash a weighted blanket?

Our Australian weighted blankets can be cleaned, but it's important to follow these guidelines to prevent damaging them (instructions may vary across each design). The only spot cleans the inner blanket. If there is a removable cover, this can be washed with a cold, gentle cycle with similar colours, but do not soak, bleach, tumble dry, iron, or dry clean. This will ensure the longevity of the blanket.

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