Why choose a floral quilt cover?

Floral quilt cover sets are a great way to brighten up your bedroom and express personal style. Florals don’t have to just mean bright pinks or chaotic patterns. They can be dark and moody, small and country style, sedate and formal or featuring sweeping watercolours. Here is a basic rundown of the most iconic floral types to give you ideas for your own floral quilt cover:

  • Ditsy    Geometric    Paisley    Fleur-de-lis    Damask    Pansy velvet    Taman    Geisha    Sansa    Rosewood    Botanical    Retro/Vintage    Tropical

Today we’re going to focus mainly on tropical and botanical.


A tropical doona cover has a refreshing element that can either suit the place you live (if you’re lucky enough to live in the tropics) or serve as inspiration for amazing trips you plan to take. But a tropical quilt cover doesn’t necessarily have to have sentimental value. If you have an affinity for palm trees, banana leaves or just love the tropical style, go wild on our tropical doona covers and find the perfect one to spice up your bedroom’s vibe.


Floral doona covers can also be interpreted as the botanical style. The term ‘botanical technically includes all flowers and plants and can be understood in various ways. For a guy’s bedroom we recommend a forest green leaf motif while couples may enjoy a neutral greenery pattern. When it comes to kids and teen bedspreads, you can go as bright and crazy as you like - think hot pink azaleas, sky blue forget-me-nots, vibrant yellow sunflowers and more. For someone who has coloured walls but still loves the botanical print, you can opt for a larger black and white print to balance the space and keep it from becoming too busy.

What kind of accessories suit a floral quilt cover?

Accessories for floral quilt covers are usually best kept simple. We recommend picking one or two colours from your floral pattern and buying sheets, cushions and a throw to create a complete look. If you don’t feel confident matching colours, you can always stick with white, black and/or grey as a way to avoid clashing. 


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