The geometric pattern as modern design

Geometric pattern as a style is nothing new, but there are many artists and designers who have revived it for a modern day comeback. Geometric quilt covers not only add interest to your room, but can be the perfect solution for rentals where you’re limited as to what you can do with the walls. Changing your bedspread is a quick, easy and cost effective way to refresh the look of your bedroom. If you’re afraid to take the leap and change your walls or floors, a geometric quilt cover is less of a commitment, so it could be your first step.

Why a geometric quilt cover?

Formed by geometric shapes and usually repeated line after line, the concept of geometric patterns date back as early as 900AD and since then has been used heavily in Islamic, Moroccan, Greek, Egyptian, Roman and African tribal art and decoration. There are endless pattern types available, so why should you choose geometric style? Here are a few reasons we love it as a style:

  • It’s on trend

  • You can match geometric furniture and decor to the bed

  • It’s timeless

  • It’s versatile (find a geometric pattern to work with any style room)

  • It’s bright and eye catching - a statement for the space

  • It can accentuate a focal point in the room and provide stylistic balance

  • It provides texture in a neutral bedroom

  • It adds impact

What kind of accessories suit a geometric quilt cover?

Geometric doona covers usually require simple accessories to prevent the room from being overwhelming. For a multi-coloured or intense geometric patterned doona cover, we recommend accessories with block colours or making use of tones like black, white and grey. If you’ve chosen a more subtle geometric quilt cover, consider a brightly coloured throw or cushions with a texture that don’t clash. At the end of the day, you know how out there or laid back your style is, so take time to imagine the combination together before you commit to purchasing.


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