4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bedding White

15th December 2022

Nice, bright white bedding is popular for a reason. It’s timeless and elegant and can easily brighten up a room. We love to see it in hotels, but once we have it in our homes, we realise just how hard it is to maintain.

White bedding can stain easily, and it can be a struggle to keep it looking fresh and clean. It almost calls for a lifestyle change. You probably already know about removing your makeup before bed and avoiding eating in bed- but unfortunately, stains can still occur.


Keep reading if you want to keep your white super king quilt cover as clean as when you first took it out of the packet.

1. Keep Bedding Away From Avoidable Stains

When it comes to keeping your white bed linen clean, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In addition to avoiding eating in bed and taking off your makeup before sleeping, you may want to avoid putting drinks on your side table.

If you have liquids around, you risk spilling coffee, tea, or juice on your bedding, which, if not immediately addressed, could get embedded in the fabric and leave yellowish stains.

As an added precaution, if you have pets at home, consider teaching them to use a designated pet bed. Their paws could quickly spread dirt and ruin your bed linen.

2. Treat Stains As Soon As They Happen

If you do happen to get stains, don’t panic! Get a sponge or cloth and wet it with warm water, add some detergent soap and gently blot the stain on your white bedding.

We recommend keeping a stain remover spray handy to avoid these hassles. Spray directly onto the stain and rub. Just don't rub too hard, or you may harm the fabric, and make sure the stain is removed before washing.

3. Choose Natural Stain Removers Over Bleach

Overusing bleach can ruin the fibres in your white linen bedding or wash away the fluorescent whiteners. The chlorine in it also reacts with sweat, oils, and other protein stains to render your bedding yellow.

Instead, try fixing the stain naturally. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which breaks down stains during a wash cycle. Add a quarter cup of lemon juice to your white laundry before washing.

Combining baking soda and vinegar can also do the trick if you don't have any lemon juice. Take half a cup of baking soda and put it in the washing machine with the detergent. Then, right before you start the rinse cycle, pour half a cup of white vinegar.

This combination works because baking soda draws out the stain in the fabric, while vinegar is an acid that dissolves stains.

4. Dry Your White Bed Linen in The Sun

Using a dryer could break down fibres in your white bed linen and also cause it to shrink. Instead, you may want to line dry them out in the sun, which has natural cleaning power. Additionally, the breeze helps smooth out wrinkles, minimising the need for ironing, which is better for the fabric's fibres.

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