The White Bedroom Idea: How to create a clean, calm space


1st December 2022

White bedrooms are attractive for a variety of reasons. It gives some people a sense of neutrality, simplicity or cleanliness and can create the much-loved hotel aesthetic. A white bedroom is also effortless to create and easy to add colour into to transform the look. Luxury white bedding is also popular for newlyweds or as a wedding gift. In addition to creating a crisp, clean look, the colourless canvas offers flexibility for layering in neutral styles or accent colours.

Here are some white bedroom ideas to help you create a serene sanctuary.

1. The White Bedroom in a Modern Farmhouse
A white bedroom will beautifully complement dark wood tones, a popular style in modern farmhouses. A wood platform bed and shiplap walls give the bedroom a rustic feel and make adding neutral accessories effortlessly. A few touches of black in the wall sconces, bedding, and a patterned rug will add a modern element and contrast against the natural antiquity of a farmhouse.

2. Stylish Small White Bedroom
Private Collection Winton Quilt Cover Set Range White

Private Collection Winton Quilt Cover Set Range White

White reflects light and can help small spaces feel bigger and brighter than they really are. As the light reflects around a small room, it can brighten dark corners, and vertical lines can help extend the length of the walls. Opting for an all-white bed look is ideal for small spaces, especially using fabric texture to create visual contrast, such as linen, chenille, velvet and macrame.

3. A White Cottage-Style Bedroom
Use small colourful bedroom decor to prevent an all-white bedroom from looking empty. A colour-washed feature wall can elevate the bedroom look and add a cottage-inspired, cosy look. Adding sheer curtains and a rustic, tufted rug will offer a tactile contrast and enhance the homey cottage atmosphere. Using desaturated colours throughout will tie together without making any one item stand out.

4. Bedroom with an Old-Fashioned White Theme

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Davinci Santos Quilt Cover Set Range Snow

Davinci Massimo Quilt Cover Set Range Snow

Davinci Massimo Quilt Cover Set Range Snow 

For a regal look, opt for ruffled white textures, like quilt covers with ruching, pleats or gathers. Scalloped details and historical furniture can further enhance a luxurious, traditional look. Wispy fabrics and intricate embroidery can also add an air of elegance and beautiful detailing to an all-white bedroom.

5. Bedroom all in White
You can make a white monochromatic colour scheme work with a few smart design tricks. To begin with, use the same colour scheme for all the dominant parts of your room. As the walls and floor frame the bedroom, the white bedding, such as white bed sheets and curtains or upholstery, dominate the objects within the space. You can then add depth by using shades of grey or alternative materials. For instance, a stark white room with natural wooden floorboards immediately gives a clean, Scandinavian style to it, the natural tone in the wood adding warmth and contrast to an otherwise white space. Accessories with minute details of colour will help to soften the stark look of white furniture, white bed sheet and walls. A wooden side table or mirror above the bed can also serve as a counterpoint for the white palette while maintaining a monochromatic aesthetic.

6. Adding Colour to White Bedrooms
White bedrooms don't have to be all-white. White walls and white bedding can make a great starting point, followed by a few accent pieces that add colour. Then, break up the white with patterned rugs or bright-filled cushions.

7. Bedroom in Black And White
Add black and white to your bedroom to create a classic and contemporary look. An elegant space with white walls, floors, and ceilings can be balanced by dark wood furnishings and a charcoal bed skirt. Adding textures like fringed pillows, shaggy rugs, and sleek metals will help soften the high-contrast look.

8. Bedroom with a Rustic White Theme
To create a rustic bedroom with an all-white colour theme, opt for white-washed furniture and brass or gold hardware. Boho bedding styles typically compliment rustic bedrooms well, so look for tasselled or patchwork white quilt covers, especially ones with mixtures of off-white and cream tones to enhance the bohemian style.

9. White and Grey Bedroom
For a modern, clean look, stick to white and grey tones within your bedroom. This replicates a hotel-style room with a little bit more darkness, with tones of grey and even black used to define areas within the space. Use a piece of artwork or a grey and white painting to create a bold statement look and break up the monotony of walls. For a more subtle look, opt for a grey-coloured wallpaper with a satin finish.

10. Accent Colours for White Bedrooms
You can create a luxury hotel-inspired look by incorporating a single accent colour into the bedding, wall art and furniture. For example, a vibrant painting over the bed will set the tone for the entire space, giving the crisp white walls further interest. Other great feature colours that you can use to create visual interest are lime green, red, navy or turquoise tones are all great hues to pull into an all-white bedroom.

11. White and Blue Bedroom Ideas
Creating a coastal-style bedroom is simple and makes use of predominantly white objects and textiles. Just choose a shade of blue you like, find filled cushions, throws and artwork to match it, and then pair it with a plain white duvet cover. Using different shades of blue can also create depth, making layering easy. Navy and white always pair well together for a more refined bedroom look, whilst sky blue tones in the bedroom create a brighter, playful atmosphere. Opt for a white background with various shades of blue accents for a blue and white-bedroom scheme.

12. Ideas for a Dreamy White Bedroom
It is surprising how many different whites are available. From off-white to eggshell, cream, and ivory, finding your ideal white may take time and practice. Lighting can also affect how warm or cool the white you choose for your bedroom looks. Natural textures and wood tones can also add warmth, which reflects in the white spaces of the room. A brown wooden side table and area rug will lend warmth and texture to the bedroom's neutral palette. An eye-catching sunburst mirror over the bedhead highlights the white walls. Decorative tassels, fringe, and ties on the blankets and pillows can add subtle texture to the bed.

You can add a soft touch to a crisp white bedroom scheme by using stone-coloured drapes or off-white furniture. This added a faint colour without taking away from the clean white look and, paired with a cream-white carpet, gives an elevated yet cosy look.

13. Bedroom Decor Inspired by Vintage Style
A white super king quilt cover is effortless, simple, and can be made stylish with a few of the right accessories. Use decorative pillows and table skirts in beige gingham to add a country feel to the room, and DIY an antique door to serve as a neutral-toned bedhead.

14. Styling Options for White Bedroom Walls
Use striped wallpaper to cover the walls of the white bedroom for a stylish look or opt for wall panelling, like wainscoting, for a refined look. Paired with vaulted ceilings and pine wood floors allows light to rebound openly through the room and provides an airy, fresh feeling. Simple furniture will add to the modern style and create visual harmony without distracting from the brightness of the room.