The Difference Between Coverlets, Bedspreads, Comforters & Quilt Covers; which one is right for you?


27th September 2022

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You may understand the ins and outs of bedding like the back of your own hand, but if you've ever been confused about the different options when it comes to the top piece on your bed, read on for an easy explanation of the different options available.

Traditionally, when it comes to the fashionable piece on top of your bed, it's the part that adds style, colour or texture. There are five options overall that you can choose from: coverlets, bedspreads, comforters, quilt covers, and quilts. Not to be confused with the modern definition of quilts that are meant to be an internal bedding piece (sitting inside a quilt cover), a quilt is historically a multi-layered, colourful bed cover, used for decoration and typically handmade. These are usually made by people who enjoy textiles as a practice and aren't commonly available for purchase.

The other four categories however are much more popular and commercially available. There is some overlap in what they can achieve, so we are going to break each product down one by one.

Nimes Linen Quilt Cover Set Range Ash

Nimes Linen Quilt Cover Set Range Ash


Coverlets are a modern take on the top bed layer. Typically thin, lightweight, and textured, coverlets are a great option for people that live in hot, humid climates all year round, run extra warm at night whilst sleeping, or have particularly scorching summers. During Australian summers, for example, some people switch over from their winter bedding to a coverlet so they don't constantly wake up during the night due to overheating. Coverlets are also shorter than bedspreads, but some styles favour extra "overhang", meaning the fabric runs across the bed and falls all the way to the floor on all three sides.

Here are some coverlets we range:



Easily confused with coverlets, bedspreads are a much more traditional bedding layer. Bedspreads are usually also quite thin and light-weight, and historically are used exclusively as a decorative piece that provides no added function. Similar to coverlets, they can be used as a light layer during summer, as a heat-friendly option. Standard bedspreads also reach the floor, covering the entire bed (sans the bedhead). Traditional bedspreads feature a reverse sham at the head of the bed (which is an extra fold of fabric for decoration), whilst modern bedspread styles simply drape over the bed like an extra large sheet.

Here are some examples of bedspreads we range:



Comforters are perhaps the most affordable bedding option, as they are perfectly balanced in terms of functionality and decoration. Comforters are essentially quilts or duvets that have been made with a decorative casing. They are thick, warm, and typically washable as they do not have a covering counterpart in the way that quilts and quilt covers do. Comforters can also come in a range of different thicknesses, fill types, and casing textures, like faux fur, velvet, and cotton. The most common material however tends to be polyester, due to its strength and washable nature.


Quilt Covers

Lastly, quilt covers are perhaps the most commonly used bedding within households, due to their versatility. Quilt covers are accompanied by a quilt or duvet internally, which can sometimes be removed in order to use the cover as an impromptu coverlet. Quilt Covers are replaceable and make changing the style of your bed simple, easy, and without costing any comfort as the duvet or quilt insert you choose is what will affect your sleep. The quilt cover and quilt combo can also be used in conjunction with other bed cover types, like using a coverlet for an added decorative layer, helping to also trap warmth

Here are some examples of comforters we range:


Ultimately, choosing the right top bed layer option is something each person needs to choose for themselves, according to their lifestyle and home preferences. Each style offers something unique and the advantage of having different options is that you can reimagine the way your bed looks and feels during different seasons throughout the year.

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