A Care Guide for Bamboo Bed Linen: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Sheets Soft and Fresh


10th February 2023

Bamboo bed linens are a must-have for a good night’s sleep. They aren’t just made of comfortable, soft, and breathable material—they are very long-lasting and sustainable too.

Your bamboo linens are a long-term investment; they deserve nothing less than the best care to ensure they retain their quality.

Here's our guide to help you take care of your bamboo sheets so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Washing Your Bamboo Bed Linen

Before you begin using your bamboo bed linen, it’s best to wash everything first. This removes protective chemicals like natural oils and sizing (fillers) that can cause the fabric to become stiff.

After the first wash, bamboo sheets will soften and smooth out, making them more comfortable to sleep on.

Mild detergent is recommended, as bleach and fabric softeners can cause damage to bamboo fibres. Use a gentle cycle to wash your bamboo sheets. Do not use hot water or expose the linen to any form of heat, as this can result in shrinkage.

Drying and Ironing Your Bamboo Bed Linen

After washing, you can tumble dry your bamboo sheets on low heat or air dry them in the shade. It’s best not to expose them to heat for too long. Bamboo bed sheets are excellent in quality, and they tend not to wrinkle more than pure cotton bed linens.

Sheets are less likely to wrinkle if you retrieve them from the dryer while they're still damp and iron them on the lowest heat setting.

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Removing Stains

Bamboo fibres are highly absorbent. Discolouration can develop over time due to exposure to sweat and oils from lotions and moisturisers. Drinks or other bodily fluids can also stain your bamboo linens.

To avoid damaging your bamboo bed linen, stick to gentle or natural products to remove stains. Harsh chemicals like bleach can break down the fibres and cause tears in the fabric. Do not use chlorine, either. Use detergents that contain mild and natural ingredients.

Once you see a stain, you must treat it as soon as possible. Soak your bamboo sheets in cold water and gentle detergent for 30 minutes before washing. Use a gentle cycle to remove the stain completely.

If the stain is particularly stubborn, soaking your sheets in small amounts of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide mixed with water should help.

Storing Bamboo Linen

To put away your bamboo sheets, just fold them and store them in a dry, cool place. Wet and humid conditions are terrible for bamboo and can cause the fibres to break apart or develop mildew.

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Keep these simple care tips in mind so you can enjoy your bamboo sheets for a long time. Remember to pre-wash your bamboo sheets before first use to soften them, and use only a mild detergent (natural if possible) and a low heat setting to prevent damage.

If you aren't been using them for a long time, store your sheets somewhere cool and dry. Taking good care of your bamboo bed linens will ensure years of restful sleep.