Get comfortable in bed with the optimal set of sheets.

Getting comfortable in bed starts with the right mattress, and then leads to sourcing the perfect sheet set. Here is our guide to navigating the different ways you can shop for sheets on our website, and how to make the right decision.

The Right Sheet Set.

Shop the right set, the right way. Start by figuring out what you want - whether you need an entirely new set, or just need one or two items to mix and match with your existing sheets. Browse the products you're looking for without getting confused about what you'll receive.

Full Sheet Sets

1x Flat Sheet + 1x Fitted Sheet + 1/2x Pillowcases

Fitted Sheet Combos

1x Fitted Sheet + 1/2x Pillowcases

Fitted or Flat Sheet

1x Fitted Sheet OR 1x Flat Sheet

Sheet shopping can be a lengthy process when you're looking to curate your bed for maximum comfort, in the right style for your home. If you're looking for an easy & quick solution, or already know what you need, these are our best-selling, premium quality sheets that you can't go wrong with:

armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-sheet-set-range-white, bianca-heston-300thc-cotton-percale-sheet-set-range-charcoal, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-sheet-set-range-green-gum, logan-and-mason-platinum-hotel-grande-400thc-cotton-sateen-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range, bambury-temple-organic-cotton-sheet-set-range-snow

Finding what's right for you.

When shopping for a new set of sheets, you'll need to come prepared with some insights. Here are the questions we typically ask our customers if they need some new sheets but aren't sure what they're looking for.

  • Do you tend to run hot or cold when you sleep?
  • What fabric feels best against the skin?
  • Do you suffer from any allergies?
  • What are your styling goals?
  • Do you prefer a neat, ironed sheet, or a relaxed crinkled look?
  • How much maintenance are you prepared to do? (i.e ironing, line-drying etc.)
  • What sheets have you used previously and what did you like/not enjoy about them?

Once you have some of the answers to these questions, we can narrow down your search to the ideal sheet set.

Popular Types of Bed Sheet Fabric

Geena Quilt Cover Set Range Green Apple
Reed 550GSM Cotton Bath Towel Range Seagrass
Reed 550GSM Cotton Bath Towel Range Seagrass

Cotton Sheets

Cotton is a classic fabric used in bed sheets, perhaps the most traditional option we have today. As a natural fibre, cotton is soft, breathable, and durable. It can also be woven or brushed in a variety of ways to create slightly different textures, such as:

  • Cotton Percale Sheets: These are typically crisp and lightweight. They are matte in appearance.
  • Cotton Sateen Sheets: These are typically smooth and mid-weight. They also have a slight sheen and typically consist of a higher thread count.
  • Cotton Flannelette Sheets: These are cosy and lightweight. They are matte in appearance, and you can see and feel the soft, fluffy surface fibres.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets are much more new to the game of bedding, and they're quickly winning love from customers. Bamboo sheets or bamboo cotton blended sheets are also made from natural fibres, and are silky soft to the touch. People often describe the feel of bamboo sheets as buttery.

These sheets can have a slight sheen to them, similar to cotton sateen sheets. They are also soft, breathable, and durable. They can be used all year long but most people often use them in summer months to beat the heat - bamboo is a natural temperature regulator, so they're the perfect sheet to beat the heat.

Similar to bamboo cotton sheets are tencel bed sheets, which come very close in texture whilst also being soft & breathable.

Linen Sheets

Linen is a bit of a wild card when it comes to sheets - many people often either love them or avoid them entirely. If you love natural fibres, organic feeling fabric, and prefer a relaxed look in your home (not a fan of ironing) linen might just be for you. As a natural fibre linen is also breathable and extremely durable, and soft in a different way to bamboo or cotton sheets. Linen sheets are often stonewashed for a softer texture, and they get softer with every wash. They have a texture to them that is a mix of soft and crisp; we recommend feeling them first if you've never bought them before.

Similar to linen sheets are hemp bed sheets, which come very close in texture, whilst also being soft & breathable.

Polyester Sheets

Many people wonder why polyester sheets still exist in the market - but it is for good reason. Synthetic fibre sheets are often very low maintenance - they don't crinkle easy, don't require ironing, and can be machine washed & thrown in the dryer. They also have added durability against wear & tear, and can offer an even smoother fabric finish. As a synthetic fibre, they also tend to be more affordable than they're natural fibre alternatives.

If you know polyester sheets are what you need, its important to keep in mind that polyester doesn't breathe as well as natural fibres, so always opt for a blend if possible, like poly-cotton sheet sets.

The Hero Sheet for Summer

The Bamboo Eco from Armidayle is our tried & tested sheet for hot or humid nights.

  • Super breathable with a silky feel
  • Temperature-regulating & anti-bacterial properties
  • Comes in 8 different colours

Other Bed Sheets for Summer:

linen-house-lifestyle-vienna-300thc-cotton-sheet-set-range-tea, bianca-heston-300thc-cotton-percale-sheet-set-range-stone, linen-house-lifestyle-nara-400thc-bamboo-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-moss, bambury-french-linen-sheet-set-range-snow, linen-house-lifestyle-tencel-sheet-set-range-silver, linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-sheet-set-range-navy, aura-emile-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-spanish-villa

Shopping for Style

Apart from using our filters to shop for a specific colour, you can also shop for monochromatic sheets vs multicoloured sheets. Our multicoloured sheets consist of printed sheets, patterned sheets, and yarn-dyed sheets, where the different yarns woven together are two different colours.


Shop our array of spring sheet sets, sorted by colour so you can also browse the best with style.

Patterned & Printed Sheets

From subtle yarn-dyed premium cotton sheets to artful printed florals, add a little more colour and styling to your bed setup.