Cotton Pillowcases

Whether it’s for your bedroom or living room, cotton pillowcases are among the most standard kinds to use because they are breathable, soft, and robust. If you’re looking for the best cotton pillowcase to give you the warmth, comfort, and maximum durability you’ve been missing, Manchester Warehouse has a sophisticated selection to choose from. Our cotton pillowcases are made from naturally breathable cotton and are luxuriously woven for the highest quality.

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Cotton pillowcases.

Are cotton pillowcases good?

Low-quality cotton pillowcases can irritate the skin, but our high-quality cotton pillowcases are designed to eradicate any discomfort or irritation from possible friction. For both European pillows and standard sleeping pillows, our variety of cotton pillowcases would be a great material to choose.

Our friction-free silk pillowcases are the perfect option if you are looking for something even more conscious for your hair and skin. Silk pillowcases are designed to prevent hair from tangling and skin from damaging, all the while preserving a youthful complexion and keeping hair silky smooth. Check out Manchaster Warehouse's wide range pillowcases with various compositions.

How often should you wash cotton pillowcases?

Cotton pillowcases are not hypoallergenic, so they can soak up dust, mould, dead skin, and dust mites if they are not washed often enough. These allergens cause unwanted symptoms when cotton pillowcases are left unwashed. Cotton pillowcases also soak up your skin’s natural oils and sweat, which can create a bacterial problem if not washed off. These bacteria are what often can lead to acne. To avoid these issues, wash your cotton pillowcases at least once a week. Browse our cotton collections for more options!